USA Hardware and Software weekly ending July 26TH

PS4 keeps top spot on hardware , while Mario Kart 8 stays on top of the software charts.

PS4 42,798
XOne 33,247
3DS 23,581
WiiU 22,656
X360 14,099
PS3 6,463
Wii 2,872
PSV 2,066
PSP 402

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user74029311927d ago

ps4 once again pimpin those streets harder than any pimp out there.

aceitman1927d ago

agreed , and I know the tlou will sell some systems , and from here on out it will increase on sales with all the games coming out starting with tlou , madden , plantz vs zombies mw , minecraft , destiny (heck preorders for destiny white ps4 bundle at a higher price is beating the X1 on amazons top 100 and sitting at 16 right now but it has been between 20 and 8 the last few weeks )while some multi platform games may increase a few sales with X1 I expect it to increase sales a lot more on ps4.just like watchdogs released it increased ps4 sales by 65% while it only increased X1 sales by 27%.

randomass1711927d ago

I'm inclined to agree. TLOU Remastered will most likely give the PS4 at least a humble sales boost not that it needs one to keep selling the most.

uptownsoul1926d ago

And since PS4 got top billing in June's NPD, they'll probably get it again in July & August…And like @Aceitman said, Destiny will carry PS4 to the top notch for September's NPD

NullPointer1926d ago

TLOU is a huge deal - all those Xbox converts who now own PS4s have never played it.

mcstorm1926d ago

What I find interesting in this is the PS4 sold 42,798 consoles but the highest selling game that week was Call of Duty: Ghosts with 10 thousand copy's sold and there is no 1st party game in that list for the PS4 so I wonder how many are buying the console for exclusives.

Good numbers by all though and good to see better numbers from the xbox one and Wiiu too as we need all 3 to do well to keep pushing each other.

mixolydian_id1926d ago

I think we all know sales figures just dictate what is popular.

Under no circumstances does it mean any of them are the best.

TheRedButterfly1926d ago

If you're expecting Madden to sell PS4s...

Ch1d0r11926d ago

Thanks for the reminder on the White PS4... Hopefully i can still pre-order one soon.

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Ocsta1926d ago

It's Pimptastic. Pimpalicious even.

wolfcreek1926d ago

I guess but it's a pimp not making money. If you look at software sales, MS and sony is losing money with little income . No First party games. Nintendo is wiping them both up world wide with 1st party all money to Nintendo.

Sharky2311926d ago

The first party games are coming! Just wait! In all honesty that's what Nintendo does best.

funkybudda1926d ago

Just stop posting, get your fact straight before posting flat out lies:

Sony has reported better-than-expected profit for the first quarter, helped by robust sales of its PS4 gaming console and a weak Japanese currency.


ghostface91926d ago

Then explain how Nintendo posted a 91 million dollar loss last quareter

superchiller1926d ago

Welcome to Fantasy Island, where diehard Nintendrones go to dream that their beloved company is actually succeeding! (Which of course, it isn't).

CervantesPR1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

nintendo making money? lol didnt we see an article about nintendo losing money for the 1st quarter of 2014 a few days ago?

fun fact: PS4 is PRINTING money, kaz hirai already said its profitable with hardware alone, lets not even mention PS+ and games that sell much better on PS4 than any other platform. kaz hirai also said PS4 could be more profitable than the PS2.

KwietStorm1926d ago

You think they only make money from 1st party games? LOL.. You think Nintendo is making money right now? LOL somebody needs to do some research.

SilentNegotiator1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Sony was profitable last quarter, in no small part due to their Playstation division.

But stick to those old anti-PS adages if they make you feel better.

kenshiro1001926d ago

Wow...did you really just say that? So what happened to the 91 million that Nintendo lost?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


Well lets see.
Wii U had what in April 1 -May 28. Nothing.
Now May 29-June 31 only Mario Kart 8.

Kirby Triple Deluxe
Mario Golf World Tour.

So it obvious not much money will be made.

Also each quarter Nintendo reports less and less money loss.

They will report a profit next quarter July-September
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1 - 2
Nintendo 3DS Third Parties exclusives in Japan
Yokai Watch 2
Senran Kagura 2

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thexmanone1926d ago

PS3/PS4 =49261
Xbone/360 =47346

Look pretty close but Sony still has the edge, not by much.

Ch1d0r11926d ago

Thanks for padding the number with last gen.

showtimefolks1926d ago

nice numbers, TLOU will help and than destiny bundle will move a lot of consoles(i want a white one lol)

now the questions is which number will the ps4 be sitting at come december 31st 2014? could 13-15 plus million be a possibility?

Gamer19821925d ago

but, but, but with the price drop and kinect removed the xbox one will outsell the ps4 in america and the only reason its been held back is its not been sold in as many countries (not that this effects sales at all in countrys they both sell in).. *end sarcasm*

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Brim1927d ago

Soooo we believe VGChartz numbers now?.. umm ok ...

EcoSos31927d ago

Yes only when Sony is at the top...

GribbleGrunger1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Oh, give over for goodness sake. The PS4 has lead the XB1 every damned week and has been on top for a good 95% of that time too. I STILL don't trust their figures and neither do a lot of other Sony fans. You really wouldn't want to see the figures after they adjust them in line with official information (if they ever do).

My guess for WW figures:

PS4: 9m
XB1: 4.9m

Ezz20131927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

do you guys ever get tired of trying to prove that everyone is hypocrite and xbox fans are a Gift from Aliens ?!

i'm playstation fan and will never trust Vgchartz numbers whatever playstation on top or not
i even call them Lolchartz

EcoSos31927d ago


I never said anything about the sales I only said that they are getting praise just because Sony is at the top ( just look at the top comment)


Well someone has to point it out because it's true, most hate vgchartz when another console is on the top but when is Sony your all loving them. And no I'm not an Xbox fanboy I'm more of a Nintendo fan.

Ezz20131927d ago

"your all loving them"

point me where i have EVER said i trust or love Lolchartz

amiga-man1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Vgchartz are a joke, anyone who takes them seriously are kidding themselves, they consistently overtrack xone and undertrack PS4 which going by the numbers this week is more worrying for xone owners (if sales matter)

No I don't love Vgchartz, this place would be better off without their biased guesses.

MasterCornholio1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Not even when Sonys on top because they always over track the XB1 (By 100K in March) and undertrack the PS4.


I only look at these numbers to get a general idea of the situation but I never trust them to be precise. Any serious statistics firm will always have a margen of error but VG charts is off by a lot many times.

MysticStrummer1926d ago

"I only said that they are getting praise just because Sony is at the top ( just look at the top comment)"

The top comment isn't praising vgchartz in any way.

It doesn't mention vgchartz at all.

insomnium21926d ago

Eff you both. VGChartz are s*it and so are you for trying to make everyone a hypocrite. I almost feel violated now thanks to you.

S2Killinit1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

@Believe_games; EcoSos3
you guys are probably new. Its a fact that VGcharts undertracks Playstation numbers and overtracks MS numbers, so when VG Charts shows PS4 on top, it just confirms that PS4 has out sold xbone. The numbers are (or should be) adjusted later when the official numbers show roughly by how much more PS4 actually outsold the xbone.

So we don't "believe" VGCharts, but we can deduce things from their numbers.

GribbleGrunger1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


Exactly. All those XB1 owners who keep pointing out that Sony fans complain about VGC don't seem to realise the reason is because they always undertrack the PS4 and overtrack the XB1. We recently got official numbers for Germany (for all consoles) and VGC had overtracked the 360 by a whopping 1 million units.

I was conservative with my estimate on just how many PS4s have 'actually' sold, but many people are speculating that it could be around 9.5 million, simply based on the released 'shipped' figures from a month ago and the average rate at which it's selling WW (now we know how much VGC is undertracking in Europe generally, based on Germany).

SilentNegotiator1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Nothing happened recently to suspect that the systems changed order in anyway. Ps4 is still on top, Xbone is continuing to outdo Wii U in the US, 3DS is selling well, Vita is not...

In every VGC article you get people posting about hating VGC, people tolerating VGC, and very few people that straight up say that VGC is great. Your memory is either selective or you're just plain trolling to spread negativity about PS fans.

As for my opinion, I tolerate them. Rarely do we get weekly estimates from ANYONE and their figures are at least in the ballpark...'s parking lot. It's better than nothing so long as you take the numbers for what they are/aren't.

ThanatosDMC1925d ago

Bet the numbers for PS4 is much higher and the numbers for the Xbone is lower. Vgchartz people are big Xbox fanboys.

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iamnsuperman1927d ago

Vg charts has always been posted here since its inception. Though rules dictate that it must be put as a rumour because of its inaccuracy

FITgamer1927d ago

The numbers? Nope. Just that starting the trend of showing the PS4 on top in the U.S., instead over-tracking the hell out of X1 numbers and showing it on top week after week even though every NPD this year has shown the exact opposite. Some people are just too dense to comprehend that.

1927d ago Replies(1)
Darkfist1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

i dont believe VGChartz, because im sure ps4 sold more than what the website shows.

Ocsta1926d ago

Believe me, as skewed as these numbers may be, Xbox almost certainly wound up 2nd. Again. BELIEVE.

jnemesh1926d ago

The numbers here are north America only. Worldwide, xbox one is third behind the wiiu! And that is probably where they will stay.

frostypants1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

If VGChartz says Sony is ahead, then that much can be taken to the bank...reason being that VGChartz routinely under-counts Sony and revises upward later (and generally revises MS down). The accuracy of the numbers still can't be trusted, as the lead is likely significantly larger.

In other words, if VGChartz says the PS4 is leading, it means it did so despite VGChartz chronic (and seemingly intentional by this point) under-counts.

ITPython1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

True. If they can't even make up fake numbers that show the XB1 ahead, then it must be REALLY bad.

Wouldn't be surprised if these were more accurate numbers for the week:

PS4 - 60k
XB1 - 20k

And just look at the ridiculous 360 sales. Why would people be buying over twice as many 360's as PS3's? MS isn't even supporting the 360 anymore, and the PS3 has butt loads of incredible AAA exclusives built up from last generation and plenty of new exclusives are still releasing.

welly3001926d ago

Lol ms boys ur so funny...

Brim1926d ago

Im no "Ms Boy" but i just call it like i see it we cannot bash the numbers when we see something we don't agree with then as soon as it shows something we agree with its all of a sudden right...

i own both consoles .. console of choice is Xbox but i really could give a s*** less how these consoles sell I'm not making any money off of them, I'm not a shareholder... maybe you guys should take that approach ...

Spotie1926d ago

Your comment history says you're lying.

And by now, you should know how things work. Nobody praises VGChartz. Most of us treat them like the wildly inaccurate estimates that they are; seems to be only Xbox fanboys that want someone to view the numbers as anything more than guesses. And that's done only so they can invalidate the site when it consistently puts the PS4 ahead; they suddenly change their tune when it shows the XB1 ahead.

But you know all this already. You're just acting. I'm gonna go ahead and mark you as trolling, as that's the only reason there could be for making the comment.

Brim1926d ago

lol I'm lying .. about what? and to who? people online to make myself look better?.. ur sad for even making that assumption... it's funny someone with 1 bubble is the one "marking me for trolling" ... Just stop ...

kenshiro1001926d ago

Even without VChartz, it's clear that the PS4 outsold the XB1 again.

Eddie201011926d ago

NPD numbers has had the PS4 selling better than Xbox One and at higher numbers than VGChartz has been posting for the last 6 months. Don't worry fanboys VGChartz are still undercutting PS4 sells numbers, it's just when a console sells as well as PS4 has been they can't undercut sells numbers but so much. Problem is that VGchartz don't adjust there numbers to match official or NPD numbers when it comes to Playstation.

greenlantern28141926d ago

Nope, there are always some who believe them but I never do. Don't care who it says is on top. They have been proven wrong over and over.

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hello121926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

The numbers are likely close to the mark than people think. VG has always had PS4 in the lead and thats the case when the NPD numbers come out too.

Microsoft (Phil Harrison) confirmed they had passed the 5 million mark a couple of months ago, by a good margin. Thats worldwide

Sony hasn't revealed how many PS4's they sold last quarter. They combined PS2, PS3, and PS4 numbers together to get 3.5 million.

PS4 numbers i don't think anyone truly knows unless Sony reveals it?

Officially it was 7 million a few months back. So its likely over 8 million going on 9 million now.

Chevalier1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

They aren't 'closer' like you suggest. They go back and edit their numbers after NPD are release. Their numbers always undertrack PS4 by a wide margin. You expect us to believe that VGchartz is 'closer to the mark',?! When they undertracked PS4 by over 100,000 in March?! Yeah logical.

MS and Phil Harrison did not confirm anything other than they shipped 5 million units.

rainslacker1926d ago

Wasn't VGChartz off by over 10% on their estimates of the PS4 when Sony made an official announcement. Probably more since Sony said over 8 million, with no 100K reference.

MS hasn't confirmed it passed the 5 million mark. It confirmed it shipped that many, but VGChartz supposedly tracks sold to customers, so again, they are off. In fact, I can't remember what it was in reference to so can't look up the link, but within the last couple weeks MS actually said that they would not change their last statement of shipping 5 million when one MS executive inadvertently said they had sold more already.

Sony didn't officially sell any PS2's last quarter. They discontinued selling them last year. Going by VGChartz numbers though, Sony sold a lot more PS4's than what they say, because they said Sony didn't sell that many PS3's during that time. Those numbers are shipped as well. The 8 million they mentioned in April was actual sold to customers, and was a press statement, not a quarterly review.

Anyhow, I don't know about you, but when using a site to argue sales data, a >10% margin of error is not close to the mark enough to be worth being credible enough to reference.

So, while VGC has always had the PS4 in the lead, it doesn't mean that the numbers are accurate. They have to show it in the lead because people would see they're BS otherwise. Doesn't mean that they still don't have an agenda and fudge the numbers to make it not look so bad.

hello121926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

UPDATE: Microsoft has clarified that Harrison was referring to the previous 5m shipped figure and was not citing new numbers.

ORIGINAL STORY: A new report has seemingly confirmed some updated sales data for both PS4 and Xbox One.

International Business Times reckons that in an interview with Edge, Microsoft’s corporate VP Phil Harrison has said that Xbox One sales are now “north of five million units”.

The same article also quotes PS4 sales as having hit 9m.

The most recent official figures had PS4 at 7m units sold worldwide and Xbox One at 5m units shipped – both correct as of mid April.
............................. .........

If these new numbers are correct then PS4 has extended its lead over Xbox One – the latter of which launches in several new markets in September and recently underwent a second price cut.

MCV has contacted both Sony and Microsoft for verification of the new figures.

These are the facts not made up numbers by you guys.

I love the disagrees (jeez) do you guys look at facts and what both companies have said? Microsoft 5 million + is for April. Confirmed by Microsoft.

Microsoft 800,000 last quarter ( xb1 only) 1.1 million 360's and xb1's combined last quarter. Microsoft is close or near 6 million now.

Sony was 7 million in April. Last announcement a week ago was 3.5 million PS2, pS3, PS4 sales combined. Sony gave no announcement of the breakdown of sales for each one. So 8 to 9 million is a guess.

Honestly i try to post facts stop being fanboys and look at what both companies have said.

BG115791926d ago

So in a way you're saying that the difference of xbone and ps4 sold was reduced. That's matematically impossible because each and every week the PS4 had better sale numbers..
If the PS4 sold 2 millions in a month, there is no way that the Xbone sold the same amount in that same month.

Dewitt1926d ago

All those disagrees when he posts facts and sources. Sigh this site.

+bubs KNWS

JMyers1926d ago


What planet are you living on? VG have always adjusted their numbers to match the NPD. The only time they are close is with this adjustment.

Everytime VG had the X1 leading they had to adjust. Like with the TitanFall lauch and the lower priced SKU.

Kayant1926d ago

"Microsoft (Phil Harrison) confirmed they had passed the 5 million mark a couple of months ago, by a good margin. Thats worldwide " - No he don't he said shipped.

"Sony hasn't revealed how many PS4's they sold last quarter. They combined PS2, PS3, and PS4 numbers together to get 3.5 million. " - Hmmmm no. PS2 is not in production and wasn't in the report. And you think PS4 doesn't have the majority of those sales with last gen dropping off and PS3/PS2 did 1.1m in the same quarter last year.


"Microsoft 800,000 last quarter ( xb1 only) 1.1 million 360's and xb1's combined last quarter. Microsoft is close or near 6 million now. " - Talks about facts then presents BS. Where do you get XB1 doing 800k units when they never broke it down and X360 in the same quarter the previous year doing 1m by itself.

trufan 2.0 confirmed.

Xsilver1926d ago

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap burnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol
that moment when you realize you full of shxt

Chevalier1926d ago

"The numbers are likely close to the mark than people think"

"Honestly i try to post facts stop being fanboys and look at what both companies have....."

You said VGChartz numbers were closer then we thought. FACT

We corrected you because you were wrong and even told you how they undertracked PS4 in March by over 100,000 units which is a ridiculously huge margin of error. FACT

Now your calling out people about posting facts is priceless. FACT.

Ol_G1925d ago

Well Microsoft didn't sell 5 mil they shipped and sold that to retailers that's a complete different situation and seeing these things stacking up in multimedia stores it's obvious that they didn't reach the 5 mil yet maybe 4 or 4.5

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BiggerBoss1926d ago

Kinda surprising the Wii U is selling about as much as the 3Ds. Sadly the Vita is behind the Wii :(. I hope Sony tries to kickstart vita sales with some announcements at Gamescom

corroios1926d ago

Now the reality

PS4 52,798
XOne 26,247
3DS 25,981

Dewitt1926d ago

Maybe your reality, I don't why sales matter to people who make NO money off these consoles. It's so ridiculous.