USA Hardware and Software weekly ending July 26TH

PS4 keeps top spot on hardware , while Mario Kart 8 stays on top of the software charts.

PS4 42,798
XOne 33,247
3DS 23,581
WiiU 22,656
X360 14,099
PS3 6,463
Wii 2,872
PSV 2,066
PSP 402

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user74029313641d ago

ps4 once again pimpin those streets harder than any pimp out there.

aceitman3641d ago

agreed , and I know the tlou will sell some systems , and from here on out it will increase on sales with all the games coming out starting with tlou , madden , plantz vs zombies mw , minecraft , destiny (heck preorders for destiny white ps4 bundle at a higher price is beating the X1 on amazons top 100 and sitting at 16 right now but it has been between 20 and 8 the last few weeks )while some multi platform games may increase a few sales with X1 I expect it to increase sales a lot more on ps4.just like watchdogs released it increased ps4 sales by 65% while it only increased X1 sales by 27%.

randomass1713641d ago

I'm inclined to agree. TLOU Remastered will most likely give the PS4 at least a humble sales boost not that it needs one to keep selling the most.

uptownsoul3640d ago

And since PS4 got top billing in June's NPD, they'll probably get it again in July & August…And like @Aceitman said, Destiny will carry PS4 to the top notch for September's NPD

NullPointer3640d ago

TLOU is a huge deal - all those Xbox converts who now own PS4s have never played it.

mcstorm3640d ago

What I find interesting in this is the PS4 sold 42,798 consoles but the highest selling game that week was Call of Duty: Ghosts with 10 thousand copy's sold and there is no 1st party game in that list for the PS4 so I wonder how many are buying the console for exclusives.

Good numbers by all though and good to see better numbers from the xbox one and Wiiu too as we need all 3 to do well to keep pushing each other.

mixolydian_id3640d ago

I think we all know sales figures just dictate what is popular.

Under no circumstances does it mean any of them are the best.

TheRedButterfly3640d ago

If you're expecting Madden to sell PS4s...

Ch1d0r13640d ago

Thanks for the reminder on the White PS4... Hopefully i can still pre-order one soon.

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Ocsta3640d ago

It's Pimptastic. Pimpalicious even.

wolfcreek3640d ago

I guess but it's a pimp not making money. If you look at software sales, MS and sony is losing money with little income . No First party games. Nintendo is wiping them both up world wide with 1st party all money to Nintendo.

Sharky2313640d ago

The first party games are coming! Just wait! In all honesty that's what Nintendo does best.

funkybudda3640d ago

Just stop posting, get your fact straight before posting flat out lies:

Sony has reported better-than-expected profit for the first quarter, helped by robust sales of its PS4 gaming console and a weak Japanese currency.


ghostface93640d ago

Then explain how Nintendo posted a 91 million dollar loss last quareter

superchiller3640d ago

Welcome to Fantasy Island, where diehard Nintendrones go to dream that their beloved company is actually succeeding! (Which of course, it isn't).

CervantesPR3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

nintendo making money? lol didnt we see an article about nintendo losing money for the 1st quarter of 2014 a few days ago?

fun fact: PS4 is PRINTING money, kaz hirai already said its profitable with hardware alone, lets not even mention PS+ and games that sell much better on PS4 than any other platform. kaz hirai also said PS4 could be more profitable than the PS2.

KwietStorm_BLM3640d ago

You think they only make money from 1st party games? LOL.. You think Nintendo is making money right now? LOL somebody needs to do some research.

SilentNegotiator3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Sony was profitable last quarter, in no small part due to their Playstation division.

But stick to those old anti-PS adages if they make you feel better.

kenshiro1003640d ago

Wow...did you really just say that? So what happened to the 91 million that Nintendo lost?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )


Well lets see.
Wii U had what in April 1 -May 28. Nothing.
Now May 29-June 31 only Mario Kart 8.

Kirby Triple Deluxe
Mario Golf World Tour.

So it obvious not much money will be made.

Also each quarter Nintendo reports less and less money loss.

They will report a profit next quarter July-September
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1 - 2
Nintendo 3DS Third Parties exclusives in Japan
Yokai Watch 2
Senran Kagura 2

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thexmanone3640d ago

PS3/PS4 =49261
Xbone/360 =47346

Look pretty close but Sony still has the edge, not by much.

Ch1d0r13640d ago

Thanks for padding the number with last gen.

showtimefolks3640d ago

nice numbers, TLOU will help and than destiny bundle will move a lot of consoles(i want a white one lol)

now the questions is which number will the ps4 be sitting at come december 31st 2014? could 13-15 plus million be a possibility?

Gamer19823639d ago

but, but, but with the price drop and kinect removed the xbox one will outsell the ps4 in america and the only reason its been held back is its not been sold in as many countries (not that this effects sales at all in countrys they both sell in).. *end sarcasm*

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Brim3641d ago

Soooo we believe VGChartz numbers now?.. umm ok ...

EcoSos33641d ago

Yes only when Sony is at the top...