Upgrading the Xbox One HDD – What to Consider?

G4TE writes - So I finally was at that point between new games and Games with Gold on the Xbox One that my 500GB drive was at 81% full and I still had yet to download the August Games with Gold. The question for me was what to get and what information was out there? I knew the Xbox One could add on any USB 3.0 External HDD but beyond that I really wasn't sure. So I did some digging and found that information specifically addressing recommendations for the Xbox One wasn't exactly bountiful.

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oneluckybullet1935d ago

i use the toshiba 2tb external drive. works great and runs my games faster than the stock hd

Darkstares1935d ago

I believe the system allows up to 16TB of external hard drive space which is quite amazing.

ToxicSushi1935d ago

Ditto on the 5TB Segate external. Works great and the external drive turns off when the system goes into sleep/low power mode (see settings to configure). Obviously it will also turn off if you configure the X1 system to shut down completely. Very happy camper and should provide enough space for the next 3+ years of gaming.

greenyboi1935d ago

I have a Samsung 2TB works great and relatively cheap aswell .


Im looking into them, What is the difference in how fast games load than the stock HDD?

gamegenieny1935d ago

The xb1 internal drive runs at 5400 rpm i think. Where as the externals are running at 7200rpm. I'm sure if this is wrong someone will correct it.

Kryptonite42O1934d ago

This depends entirely on the hard drive you are buying as some run at 5400rpm and some at 7200rpm. Do some digging before making your purchase because some don't specify the speed. You may need to do a little research first.

Orbertron1935d ago

Dude go for it your games will load much much faster because your X1 HDD is connected by SATA 2 and transfers data 3GB p/s but your USB 3.0 portable HDD transfers data 6-5GB p/s. plus it will easier to move all your digital games around, take your potable HDD to your friends house sign into your gamertag plug and play its really handy.

gamegenieny1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Is there anything specific when doing this that you have to look out for ? I see many external USB 3.0 drives listed as "portable". Does something like that matter ?

Edit: Is it just a plain external type drive that works, or would something like the Western digital passport series of drives also work with this?

Wikkid6661935d ago

You have to use a USB 3.0 drive and there is limit on capacity. I think it's pretty high like 8TB. But you can use 2 drives.

Dinkis1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Dude its 16x2TB
usb 3.0

Orbertron1935d ago

As long it is an USB 3.0 and larger than 256GB your golden, connect your portable HDD then your X1 will walk you though the setup.

gamegenieny1935d ago

Yeah i've been hearing about the difference it makes and i'm going to jump in soon. Thanks for the info guys :D

n4rc1935d ago

I may be wrong... But "portable" drives generally refer to small 2.5" 5400rpm drives.. And it likely doesn't require a ac cable.

You'd want a "desktop" drive.. It'll use a 3.5" 7200rpm (in most cases)

Kryptonite42O1934d ago

You might also want to make sure that a usb 3.0 cable is included, as the article states... its not always included and you would need to get one in order for your hard drive to work with your XB1. Most should come with it.. but better safe than sorry right?

n4rc1933d ago

Ya.. Buying a oem drive might seem like a good idea, save a few bucks..

Then find a bare drive in a bag with no cables lol..

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