Xbox 360 arcade stick (FINALLY)

A few months back EB Games' website accidentally leaked information about an arcade stick for the Xbox 360. Due to some production hiccups we should finally have the Arcade GameStick next month. The joystick will include Xbox Live Arcade games Frogger, Time Pilot and Astropop. The joystick includes all the buttons found on the Xbox 360 controller, including the rumble feature and it can connect through USB to a PC. The MSRP is $49.99 USD...

unleash bass6159d ago

All the buttons need to be on top!

nirwanda6159d ago

why the hell have they turned the analogue stick into the arcade stick instead of the d-pad and the buttons look to small and not very well placed why didn't they just bring out a standard arcade stick


Time Pilot Retro Arcade vs Atari 2600 vs Colecovision

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Nicknasty559d ago

Wow, colecovision version takes me back! Of course arcade version does too, but I almost forgot about colecovision time pilot. Colecovision was indeed the console that was closest to arcade port back then. Always a sucker for old school!


Retro Review: Time Pilot is a timeless classic

A look into one of the most timeless - albeit somewhat forgotten - games of 1982.

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PopCap games half off for Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

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