David Hayter On Kiefer Sutherland In MGS5: ‘It Just Feels Different From What We Were Doing Before’

David Hayter, the iconic voice behind gaming's most recognizable characters, Solid Snake/Big Boss, is back in the news again. Back in 2013 it was revealed that Hayter won't be reprising his role with Konami hiring Kiefer Sutherland for facial capture and voice acting for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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gameseveryday1627d ago

A note to the mods: I had to change the original title by a bit since it was not fitting.

vishmarx1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I thought there was no 'we' any longer....
hmm intriguing.
I know he means the old days but he makes it sound like theyre still together

afterMoth1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Is Snake really supposed to be Canadian anyways?

ZombieKiller1626d ago

That's the first thing I noticed too. I have to wonder if this is a trick by Kojima. Even after all the "confirmations"

Fans love Hayter.
Kojima fcks with his fans.
Hayter leaves wut?

Dir_en_grey1627d ago

Hayter really needs to shut his trap when his not voice-acting before he pisses off Konami for real and end up not being used as Solid Snake in future games all together.

Highlife1627d ago

I'm getting sick of this guy. Your not the voice this time around get over it.

extermin8or1627d ago

Ummmmm they haven't said he even would still be solid snake. They just replaced him an icon of gaming for nearly 20years with someone else who whilst a good voice actor is wrong for the character. They didn't even have the decency to tell him in advance of the announcement. And their reason is pretty crap because they've had no issue using the original Japanese voice actor. So he should make alot of noise about the issue.

Moe-Gunz1626d ago


Big Boss should have never been voiced by Hayter to begin with. If anyone was to sound the same it would have been Solidus and Big Boss. Sutherland fits much better to me here. He's subtle and less over the top. It'll be better for the emotion needed.

Kojima considers the English version the real thing. That's probably why he didn't care to recast for the JP voice.

We all love Hayter but people are just focusing on nostalgia. Big Boss should have never been voiced by Hayter anyway.

randomass1711626d ago

Richard Doyle would have been a better choice then. He did an older Big Boss in MGSIV much better than Kiefer Sutherland IMO. Sutherland just isn't Snake so much as Jack Bauer in a Metal Gear story. It just isn't the same and it's disappointing IMO.

Shadowstar1626d ago

What's he supposed to do when people ask him about it, though (as the original article did)? No comment is a pretty crappy answer, and it'll still get spun into something.

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KnightRobby1626d ago

My whole problem isn't that Kiefer Sutherland is the new voice actor. It is the way the situation was handled. Bungie managed to peacefully hand the reigns over to 343 without much issue when dealing with Halo. But David Hayter, apparently, was not even informed he is not the lead in MGS. There was no respect given to David Hayter as a talented VO actor. He really did make Snake his own. I mean, how terrible. In many ways, he IS Snake.

Honestly, Konami and Hideo Kojima should be ashamed of this and their price nonsense with Ground Zeroes.

However, I am wondering if Kiefer will be playing Snake on the big screen in the next few years. Still, it seems to be poorly handled.

Moe-Gunz1626d ago

He is Solid Snake, but shouldn't be Big Boss. Also remember Kojima may have a trick up his sleeve. He may show young solid and the voice may very well be Hayter.

Hayter has played games on twitter and press before regarding MGS.

Joe9131626d ago

That is a very little girl way of looking at things. Don't get me wrong that would have been nice but come on this is the real world in movies when they recast someone do you really think they call the other actor first and tell them sorry we are giving your roll to someone else lol no they do not do that because they are supposed to be professional adults and what Hayter has been doing is not professional at all I did kinda feel bad for him and hope he would come back as Solid but now with all the crap he has been talking I really do not care.

KnightRobby1626d ago

They usually recast people in movies because they are either too old or are asking for too much movie, or are busy with other projects.

I am not hearing David Hayter retiring or busy with other projects. I am not too sure if he asked for more money though.

I doubt this is a hoax as well as it has hurt the game in the press as did Ground Zeroes' price and total length.

WitWolfy1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

David Hayter voice pack DLC confirmed? Hey I can dream, can't I?

ThanatosDMC1627d ago

Insta buy. I dont like the new voice actor.

-Foxtrot1627d ago

Feel kind of sorry for him....thrown away like an old hardened tissue after 15 years

I'm not really hyped for this game and it's not really the voice change, it just seems like Kojima is pushing it with another prequel story we really don't need to know. Seems like forcing a story into the universe for the sake of it, I mean it's not like they could another sequel without Snake, that would feel more forced then the prequel.

Hellsvacancy1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Yeah I kinda agree, I shall still play it though, doubt i'll buy it day 1 like I have previous MGS games

I just can't get excited for it, it's kind of a snobby "been there done that" type feeling

Then again i've been wrong before, I was put off buying The Walking Dead Season 2, I thought *as good as season 1 was, season 2 will be more of the same, i'll pass*

I bought the season pass yesterday, played the first episode and fell in love with it

Your brain doesn't always know what it wants

adventureghost1241627d ago

I can agree with most of that, I think there is also a major issue with technology in this game, like the first two Metal gear solids, they have weapons and tech that we basically have today maybe a little bit in the past. Yet in this, which is in 1980s and we have fully working mechanical arms, which are more advanced than todays, A giant freaking balloon which can carry just about anything back to your base within minutes, holograms which can control mother base, which is basically more advanced than your average tablet. Binoculars that can tag people and track their every movement after that. Electronic cigarettes which produce holograms, and even more of this. where in MGS4 we didn't even have E-Cigs and that was like 2020. This is kinda feeling less like a Metal Gear game and more like a sort of Sci Fi novel made into a game.

-Foxtrot1627d ago

That's what I don't get. He said there was going to be story inconsistencies which to me is kind of lazy writing because it shows your not putting 100% into maintaining this huge if not complicated universe in the games.

The fact most of the weapons and tec are better then those found in MGS4 is silly. When you judge what we saw in 60s (MGS3) and the 70s (Peace Walker) there's no way technology could jump that fast in 10 years from Peace Walker for example.

He should of moved on after MGS4 OR do one more game which would be a reboot/re-telling with Snake so he could leave after after establishing a new timeline a new director at Konami could do anything they want to it without hurting his universe.

adventureghost1241627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

EXACTLY, if he wants to put all this tech in fine, but make it reasonable. Just because some of this is available today DOESN'T mean that you should put it in your game for the sake of putting in your game, IT MAKES NO SENSE.

At least in Peace Walker things were a little bit Subtle, where in this they just go all out with the tech. I'm not saying not to add new elements to your games, but come on there are other things you can do besides make it ridiculous. maybe he can increase the role physics play on a game, maybe a persons size can attribute to how hard it is to take him down, there are other game play mechanics he could use. Why do I need a droid to tell me a sandstorm is coming? Wouldn't It be much more interesting if it comes without warning and you have to change your battle tactics based on it? Wouldn't it be interesting if you could upgrade your mechanic arm if you find more technology in the area to make it function better? There are plenty of other things he could have done to make the game more interesting without making these inconsistencies. Like you said, He should have moved on, and since this isn't a reboot everything feels and looks completely off.

Gatsu1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I guess many people expect MGSV to have absolute realism, well you might watch the wrong game then. I love MGS just because it mixes with all kinds of advanced technology and supernatural stuff with the story and times. And in the end, it's a video game and they shouldn't be too realistic in my opinion, or they would be boring. I say welcome all the crazy holographic iDroids etc.

Assassins creed games got Eagle Eye ability, which imo is BS, I mean it can't be real. Bioshock Infinity got a city in clouds. What I am saying is, our life is realistic enough, right? Why make video games too realistic?

Also in real life history, in year 1505 or something there was this german mercenary called Götz. He was using a mechanical metal arm to fight with his sword, after losing his real arm in battle. Okey it wasn't exactly the same Snake uses, but pretty impressive 500 years ago imo. So with just a little bit of imagination, maybe we can accept for Snake to use a prosthetic metal arm in this video game :)?

Even MGS1 had cyborg ninja and Metal Gear Rex, which you didn't even mention. I mean they're pretty advanced too imo for their "time"
Oh well, we all got our own opinions etc, I'm not writing a book here so I stop.

IonDestroy1627d ago

MGS4 was 2014. Also there has always been advanced technology in some fields that are way ahead of our time in the Metal Gear universe. I believe it's supposed to be ironic that they have advanced bipedal nuclear tanks since the onset of the 70s but still have regular old Walkmans by the mid 70s.

adventureghost1241626d ago

@IonDestroy, Thank You that was just my guess, I wasn't entirely sure. And while I agree with what you're saying. my point is, in that specific timeline they don't have some of the tech that happens to be present in the later points of the MGS timeline

@Big_Boss88 I'm not saying I want absolute realism, I just want it to be in this realm of reality because a lot of the series is loosely based on our real life scenario, they especially tap into that in MGS4, where Kojima sort of put himself in the life of a real soldier, the whole intro of, ID tagged soldiers carry ID tagged weapons isong ID tagged gear is a pretty close reality to what we have right now.

But I'm not talking about any sort of supernatural power and I'm not saying no to any of the new technology that is presented in this game, I openly welcome it. I'm arguing that it does not make any sense why we have an Idroid and e ciggarettes in 1984 but we don't have that in 2014 and the most advanced thing we have in terms of tech besides nanomachines is an ipod and a Bluetooth headset (I'm talking about this exclusively to the metal gear timeline just so we're clear).

And while I can agree prosthetic arms can be used, I don't think in that timeline of MGS they could have anything nearly that advanced which basically senses the bosses most precise movements, IDK maybe It'll be explained.

Mainly because I'm not questioning anything that (sort of) makes sense in the series I'm questioning anything that doesn't make sense like extremely advanced technology that we have in the oast but don't have in the future when there are still things in the future that are not as advanced then they were in the past. Still, sure it is an opinion but if we are going through all of this why don't we just move forward in the series?

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Chard1627d ago

Kojima has often said he wants to move on from the MGS series, so I don't see why he'd bother with yet another game unless he felt there was good reason for it. I think he's said something along the lines of 'this will be my last MGS game' for the last three games.

Likewise with the voice actor change. I'm going to trust him unless he ends up becoming the George Lucas of gaming.

Kojima + next gen + metal gear + stealth action + open world = want

-Foxtrot1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"so I don't see why he'd bother with yet another game unless he felt there was good reason for it"

Not to mention he wouldn't be able to stand the fact that when he leaves they'll continue MGS without him. He would hate to see his franchise continue in a way which he might not agree with.

Gatsu1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Because there is still story to be told and current technology. He can finally do MGS the open world style as he always wanted to do them, thanks to advanced technology available he now can achieve that vision of his.

Moe-Gunz1626d ago

Solid Snake's story is done. Big Boss had a lot of stuff unexplained/showed. This warrants another MGS game.

Joe9131626d ago

I do not see Konami letting him make anything but MGS games didn't the guy that made Castlevania games have to quit Konami just to try to make something he wanted to and not a Castlevania like game. I would like to see Solid one more time and not as a old man maybe a remake of MG and MG2 then they should quit I know it makes lots of money but they have pissed a lot of the hardcore fans off with the voice change then some of the new features then the price for ground zeros so they need to end it before people just start to hate the franchise.

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THamm1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

You've been complaining about this game from the start, your views have nothing to do with the va, story or graphics, etc. you're still upset about ground zeroes being 30 for a demo. Maybe but it was the best next gen experience many others and I have had so far. Also it's great to see a developer be as involved in a series as Kojipro has showed, other devs should take note. You may get updates on your favorite games but none give you as much insight as he does and he does it for the fans and of course to make money, to deliver you the best experience takes money, which in MGS it's well spent on quality

BiggerBoss1626d ago

The prequel stories are better than the mainline games IMO. And if MANY fans of the series want to have this game, who are you to complain about it just because you're not interested?

-Foxtrot1626d ago

Who am I to complain about it


Free country mate.

Your just one of these blind fans who hate it when anyone complains abotu something you like.

Do you honestly believe no one can complain or criticize something. Jesus....die hard fans <sigh>

R-A-S-01626d ago


As a potential consumer, he has as much right to complain about the game as you do to defend it. You can argue all you want, but you should never condemn someone's right to have an opinion.

I'm also not too excited about TPP, but that's because I'm not well versed in the series' lore. I'm sure the game itself will be excellent.

BiggerBoss1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Dude foxtrot, you complain about everything. I've never seen you post a single positive comment. Did you even play ground zeroes? If you did you would know how great the gameplay is and how great phantom pain will be. Gameplay is what matters, not voice actors. Smh

-Foxtrot1626d ago

I complain about everything lol

Mate you joined three days dont know shit.

Just a blind loyal fan getting his panties in a twist

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mochachino1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

If ground zeroes is any indication I don't feel Sutherland fits the role of big boss at all. It's like he has no respect/understanding of the character. He never sounds like a leader or has the vocal presence of a cold, calculated, and deadliest soldier in the world.

He sounds like snake if someone was playing snake in a bad MGS movie.

crazysammy1627d ago

Your description of Big Boss leads me to believe that YOU have no respect/understanding for the character.

Tiqila1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

lol, go ahead then and enlighten us. Tell us how david hayter really sounds when voicing Snake. Warm, soft and subservient?

Or maybe you meant that hayter did not fit the character of snake? Please clarify, it seems you are the expert.

Moe-Gunz1626d ago

Solid Snake and Big Boss is not the same character dude

mochachino1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Well I have been playing MGS since PS1 and have played each MGS game numerous times and bought a PSP just for Peace Walker....I play the entire series over at least once a year... it's just my favourite gaming series of all time...

I'm not saying it needs Hayter, just that Sutherland isn't fitting the role. Bad casting imo.

ThanatosDMC1626d ago

MGS3, Peace Walker, and MGS Portable Ops has Hayter being perfect voice for the young Big Boss. When he stops looking like "Snake" as in the end of MGS4, then it was acceptable for him to have his voice changed.

MGS4's Solid Snake still looked like "Snake" so it was acceptable to use Hayter.

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Soldierone1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

When talking in short bursts, Keifer sounded fine to me(Which he got away with in most of Ground Zeroes). It's the longer sentences and when he needs to yell or do something more vocal that it kicked in that he wasn't Hayter. It's like you can tell he is trying to deepen his voice and sound like Hayter, and in the longer sentences he seems to run out of breath and lose that tone.

Listen to Hayter talking in the beginning of MGS4, then listen to a longer sentence in one of the Phantom Pain trailers. Not saying Kiefer is terrible at it, but you can tell he is attempting to mimic Hayter and the longer he talks the more he loses that tone. At some points his actual voice kind of chimes in for a few words.

Moe-Gunz1626d ago

Big Boss wasn't cold, calculated, nor deadly during the time of GZ. It is after that where he wishes revenge that he becomes that.

Also Solid Snake should not sound like Big Boss. You people need to understand that. That has been a big mistake by Kojima for a while now.

ThanatosDMC1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Clone babies so I disagree with you.

Also, during the cutscenes it was hard to differentiate between Sutherland's voice vs Kaz's voice actor. I was hoping to turn on subtitles with names on them just to understand who was talking.

sonarus1627d ago

I really hate the kiefer sutherland voice. As a Big time 24 fan and metal gear fan i would rather not have my jack bauer play solid snake. Its very annoying

THamm1627d ago

Good thing I never watched 24, I hear a lot of people say the same thing

silvacrest1626d ago

well if it makes you feel any better you cant really find anyone else on TV more like big boss then jack bauer