Videogamer: Viva Pinata Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "I love Viva Piñata. The Xbox 360 original is a game I recommended to everyone over a period of about six months, hoping they'd believe me when I told them that it wasn't a game made just for kids. Beneath the gorgeously cute visuals lied an incredibly in-depth ecosystem simulation capable of holding your attention for months and a collect-em-all compulsion that most people only associate with Pokemon and Football cards. On the Xbox 360 Rare delivered the goods big time.

There was always this feeling at the back of my mind, though, that Viva Piñata belonged elsewhere - that it could find a better home, where people are generally more loving and willing to try out new things, no matter how cute. It was with great delight then that I grasped the chance to play Rare's Nintendo DS spin-off, Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. I was more than a little sceptical, expecting at best a game able to mimic the basics of the classic 360 game, but what I played for an afternoon is shaping up to be one of the best DS titles of 2008."

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