How is the Games With Gold Program Doing?

Max Level: The Games with Gold program has been going on for a while now for the Xbox 360. It started off a little rocky, but it seems like when Phil Spencer took over, things have started getting better. At the beginning of the summer we saw games like Dark Souls, and in the second half of August, we are going to get Dishonored. At the start of the summer, we also saw the Games with Gold program come over to the Xbox One. This announcement excited a lot of gamers. Personally, I though this was great going into the summer game drought.

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Im liking it. Its getting better every month.

MasterCornholio1936d ago

Just like plus when it started on the PS3.


They are both good services.


Thats right they are both great

LAWSON721936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Sadly no.

Guacamelee >>> everything else

Though to be fair it is hard to top.

I have not played much of either of the new games but I look forward to trying the co-op in Crimson Dragon even though it seems bad.

RyanShutup1936d ago

Crimson Dragon suuuuuucks... tried it for about a half hour last night. :/

kreate1935d ago

X1 maybe ok but on the 360 i recieved some bike game and it sucks. Last month sucked too.

Here's hoping next month will be better.

Im being serious.


Its hard to not welcome free games no matter what systen they are on.

Clown_Syndr0me1936d ago

Look at it this way, the majority of us paid for XBL Gold way before Games with Gold was introduced. The price has not gone up, and now we are receiving free games every month. Any free games a good game to me, were just getting even more value for money.

ScorpiusX1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

It's improving and I have no issues.

Jdoki1936d ago

I've had an XB1 for a couple of months now. And whilst I appreciate free stuff, the games are well below the quality of what is offered on PS+.

I'm not going to knock and service that gives free stuff - but I really look forward to the games coming for my PS4 (and PS3) every month, but I have much lower expectations for what I'm going to get on my XB1.

LAWSON721936d ago

Gauacamelee best free game of the the year, I doubt it will be topped lol.

JeffGUNZ1936d ago

Really? Max the Curse of Brotherhood and Guacamelee are hands down the best giveaways I have received. Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero are pretty fun too.

Jdoki1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I already have Guacamelee on other platforms and am not a huge fan of it. I can see it's good, but just not my thing.

Really didn't like Max.

However, one (or even two) games does not excuse the other offerings - which I feel are lower quality on average compared to PS+.

I also don't buy the 'PS+ was poor at the beginning' excuse that some people use. Sony created a new service on consoles, so some caution at the start was expected, but it has quickly grown... MS had time to see what made PS+'s Instant Game Collection work - and copy it, or even try and beat it. They've not come close (yet).

rxl2091935d ago

the game offerings are getting worse not better

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