VGS- Back To Classics, And From Class Clown to Batman - Roger Craig Smith Interview

Interview with the voice of Batman- Here's some highlights!

I basically went out and took some classes and googled on how to get started and I started just kind of started pounding the pavement in my local area and that was what kind of spurred it on.

If we go back to like my first voice over gig I think I did something for a dialysis machines for some nursing training video. I think I got paid $75 and I did 11 different voices. It was a really funny silly training video that they you know had us impersonating yoda and all sorts of weird stuff and I went in and did that and I remember just leaving going I cant believe I just made $75 doing something that was that much fun where im kind of doing what I’ve been doing since elementary school and now somebody wants to pay me for it

It’s always amazing to me that I think people assume that we are out to try to not do a good job. And that’s where I see the ignorance in folks. If they knew how hard everybody involved in these projects is working. Everybody steps part into these things going we want to be a part of something that succeeds.

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