How Bully turned me into a bully…in Bully

Greetings, travellers. PLAY tend to play most games in 30-40 minute bursts, merely to accommodate every big release in their busy lifes. By doing this, they can play GTA IV while simultaneously tackling Mass Effect on the 360, or Patapon on the PSP. This weekend, though, PLAY took a slightly different tack and played Bully for 16 hours in two days.

During this time, they did just about everything they could be arsed to do in the game, aside from the eternally irritating sidequests, like collecting cards, or tackling the naff Go-Kart races. PLAY jumped from 25.64% to 84.96% in a single weekend. For them, that's heavy playing, and it's definitely had a negative effect.

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wolfehound223780d ago

This was a fun game. I liked it a bunch when I played it on the PS2. Not sure how well it was on the 360 and the Wii but still a great game.