id Software's RAGE Map Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

When RAGE was released, a lot of gamers criticized its engine, id Tech 5, as it was plagued with... well, a lot of issues. But what if id Software's shooter was powered by a different engine? Well, Polycount's member 'AkiRa' (Sebastian Schulz) is currently working on a scene from RAGE in Unreal Engine 4.

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C-H-E-F1535d ago

Rage had mad potential, but for some reason I just couldn't finish it, it felt empty or something idk. Hopefully they can build on that game and come up with a new IP with the foundation of Rage and new concepts.

ElementX1535d ago

I just completed Rage the other day. I played the PC version. It was decent but as you said, could've been a lot more.

BattleTorn1535d ago

I'm wrapping up my RAGE platinum today, got Obsessive Compulsive yestersay


NukaCola1535d ago

My biggest issue was that it was a masked world. The main area just led to spoke areas. Linear levels that you ziplined out each time. I'd love to see RAGE 2 truly openworld.

1535d ago
Kemistri1535d ago

Rage as a game had lots of potential. For me the shining star was the engine.

I mainly picked up this game to see what the Tech5 engine was like. Really impressed and it's extremely scalable. Besides texture pop-in issues on previous generation consoles, the visuals were impressive.

Take the latest Wolfenstein - The game was practically identical on both the Xbone and PS4 @ 60fps.

This engine should be utilized in more games.

gamernova1535d ago

Rage did it for me with id software. If I'm ever interested it their game, I'm waiting for a severe price cut. Unless one day they completely blow my mind, that's not going to change. Ever.

aliengmr1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

id couldn't finish it either so don't feel bad:P

Just a joke...sort of

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FireProChamp1535d ago

The gunplay in Rage was top notch, but it felt like half a game. I was surprised the campaign was so short.

Perjoss1535d ago

I loved Rage, the game world, combat and enemies were fantastic, shame about the disappointing ending.

seanpitt231535d ago

That ending was a joke after 6 years in development they had enough.

BattleTorn1535d ago

Hah hah!!

I'm getting my last two trophies in Rage - as I write this. (Gotta finish co-op, anyone?)

Yesterday I got all the cards, and schematics (both missable)

I loved re-playing, it has aged extremely well. First time playing on PS3, the texture pop in wasn't nealry as bad as at launch.

Clown_Syndr0me1535d ago

This reminds me - did anyone notice how many shots of "Rage" box and title screen were in Breaking Bad? Often in Jesses house they snuck in some sort of reference to the game, be it the pause screen or the game on the shelf.
It was like theyd been paid to promote it, only when Jesse played Rage it was a light gun rail shooter...nothing like the real game. False advertising? Or am I over thinking it??

BattleTorn1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

There is also Tuco's grill inside the crystal cube - the one Hank gets - inside Captain Marshalls Office in the game

They had some sort o advertising deal

Nodoze1535d ago

Not nearly as bad as the BLATANT Chrysler ad. Loved the show, but that was ridiculous.

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