Report: Infighting in Nintendo Management Leads to Scheming to Get Rid of Iwata

"According to a new report released by the Japanese Business Journal, there is infighting currently raging amongst the Nintendo upper management" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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DonDon2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Iwata is not the best choice. Seriously this guy needs to go. Oh and the nonsense about him being a good prez just because he won't sell-out by putting Nintendo franchises on cellphones is nonsense.

No sensible Nintendo fan would want that. Just because he knows that much, doesn't prove he's the best. I wish Nintendo could regain it's spirit for true domination again. I'm tired of Iwata's complacency.

Finally, I think that giving the company to just any Yamouchi kin is not exactly smart, but there are plenty of capable chair members who could easily best Iwata.

Theyellowflash302134d ago

Finally, I think that giving the company to just any Yamouchi kin is not exactly smart, but there are plenty of capable chair members who could easily best Iwata.

- AND YOU KNOW THIS HOW? You're just talking out of your ass. You don't know how any of the other board members would run Nintendo better than Iwata.

I bet you don't even know the other board members names without looking them up on Google.

DonDon2134d ago

Actually if u look through my comment history u will find that i've advocated for Tatsumi Kimishima for a long time. He was asigned as president of Nintendo of America during Nintendo's best years in America, and has a background in development/game management too. He is also a chair member.

Just because YOU don't know of any other members doesn't mean they don't exist. Iwata's Nintendo is a far cry from Yamouchi's. But Kimishima's Nintendo was a huge part of mak8ng Yamouchi's Nintendo strong.

Want the SNES and N64 type days back? Look towards Kimichima's. Not Iwata.

MasterCornholio2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )


"Just because YOU don't know of any other members doesn't mean they don't exist."

I'm not even a Nintendo fan but I know who your talking about. I guess yellow isn't as big of a Nintendo fan that I thought he was. It isn't difficult to use google to look up the people who work in those companies.

"Iwata's Nintendo is a far cry from Yamouchi's."

Your talking about Hiroshi right? He was a brilliant man. May he rest in peace.


gaffyh2134d ago

The fact that they don't put their very old games on mobile is really stupid imo. They could easily do that, and offer significant discount on their own platforms. So Pokemon Red on mobile for £4.99 (they would make millions off this and anybody with any common sense would know), and via virtual console on their own platforms for £2.50. That way they don't dilute the value of their own platforms in any way. Also they could make a rule like the game has be at least 10-15 years old before it appears on any other platform or even longer if they wanted.

Sony could do the same, but a lot of their games are not old enough.

LOL_WUT2134d ago

Like I said before fire Iwata save Nintendo! The company as a whole could be doing much better with someone who understands the market and isn't afraid of taking risks ;)

indyman77772134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Lets say they opponents of Iwata won. And put games one cell phones.
Why would I ever spend a couple hundred and buy a nintendo handheld if it is available on my high def cell phone, and I get new phones very often.

Why would I for that matter get any nintendo machine if after putting games on cell phones, they take the next step, and decide to do the same with the consoles.

No matter how you slice it if Microsoft did that they would have no incentive for me to buy a xbox one. Same with Sony why would I buy a ps4 if the games are available on pc?

PS. Didn't sega get forced into putting games on other machines and there quality to a big drop! Especially the first 3 sonic the hedgehog games....ugh

PS.. I would not buy a console just for the controller.

Ol_Boy2134d ago


Oooh you feeling crunchy now? DonDon set you straight!

Chrischi19882133d ago

This is nonsense. Iwata brought big success to Nintendo. There has not been 1 console, that has not become a huge success, other than the Wii U and if you guys think for a but, instead searchiing for reasons to hate, he had 1 bad year with the Wii U and is now recovering it. Why doesnt Sony put GoW and Tlou or MS Halo and Gears on smartphones? Do you guys have any idea how stupid this sounds? There handheld is a huge success and they sell games for a good price, why should they even think about making them for something else than their own console and selling them for $3?

And then you guys forget, that not 1 console, that has been the first of a generation, really took off, until its competitors came by. Now it has not even been a year after the competitors came and nintendo is recovering. Nintendo has a solid list of AAA titles, that are coming soon. You guys really have no idea what you are talking about. Iwata makes that nintendo stays relevant, but of course, that is what most haters secretly want, not that nintendo improves in their situation, they want them to fail hard, so they can play Zelda on their console...

Always hating on nintendo, but begging for their games to come to your console. How dumb is that?

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randomass1712134d ago

lol Looks like you didn't read what I said. I never said Iwata was the best choice when I linked you the NeoGAF post. I said he wasn't as bad as you say he is and I still believe that. He's a heck of a lot better than any of the board members who want Nintendo to go mobile, that's for sure. An outcome like that would be terrible for everyone IMO. I would like Iwata to work closely with one of Nintendo's aspiring developers and help prep them and pass the torch. That way we can not only have new ideas, but Iwata can help guide that new blood into keeping Nintendo on a healthy path away from bad trends. I don't know much about Kimichima other than that his old position was replaced by Reggie so I can't say if he'd be a good choice. I still want to see Sakurai take the helm. He's clearly a leader with a smart head on his shoulders and he knows how to make games.

Concertoine2134d ago

The thing with this source is they want him gone for that precise reason, because he wont put games on smartphones.

If this is real, it is cause for concern even for Iwata detractors.

randomass1712134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

The post also says that they are frustrated at Iwata for not embracing the net so clearly Iwata is not imperfect, but I agree that if mobile games is the biggest reason then fans should be very concerned about them even more than Iwata. Despite whatever mistakes he makes he also does some good like how he treats the developers very well for the sake of company morale. Firing him could remove that benefit for the devs and the games can suffer as a result. I would rather not risk that when I've just gotten back into Nintendo games. Since Iwata can't be president forever I would hope that the next one takes his moral code and treats game developers with the most respect and importance.

Dunban672134d ago

I wish the translation could be confirmed before publishing it

I would be very unhappy to see Old Nintendo games go to smartphones when we can t even get them on the e shop - Iwata should take heat for not having most of Nintendo s library up on the e shop - it would bring in revenue and even sell systems

Nintendo has executed poorly under Iwata and they need to operate much better or thier situation will continue to get worse

dboyman2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

I agree with Dunban67. Nintendo so far has done very poorly on the online dept, especially the eshop. Missing titles, not offering much select or picking wrong platform. I want see VC games, especially old SNES games go on the 3DS, not just on the WiiU. Nintendo's eshop is a far cry from Xbox or Playstation online stores.

Of course I am not advocating Nintendo games on Smartphones. But their online policies are archaic at best compared to what Microsoft or Sony has. Especially when it comes to online purchases Should be tied to the account, not the machine. PERIOD. Also at this point, get rid of Region locking.

Iwata has had his time, he was there for Nintendo during the time they needed him. But times have changed, the games market has too. For Nintendo to continue, it needs new leadership with new ways to lead the company...

Concertoine2134d ago


It is very strange why the VC is so barren. The Wii had NES, SNES, Genesis and N64 games at launch. Tbh that was a selling point of the original Wii to me (not a big Wii fan). I could play C64, Neo Geo, Turbo Grafx, etc. without owning the system.

donwel2133d ago

I'm sure I've read somewhere recently that Sega are dragging their heels/don't want to put their old games on the Wii U eshop, which to me is just daft.
Being able to play all my classic games from yesteryear without having to go into the Wii menu AND being able to use the gamepad is just too good of a prospect.
The idea that Nintendo should put their games on smartphones though does not seem appealing at all and it doesn't seem like a good business move either, after all what reason would people have to buy Nintendos handheld consoles if the games are available on mobile devices?
I'm pretty certain it's just one or two of the board members who keep bringing this up at Nintendo in the vain hope that someone will eventually agree with them, so I don't think it's something we need to worry about.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2134d ago

Iwata is a better choice than the people who want him replaced would likely pick out, Don.
Shareholders would try to force their hand into the selection process to get someone who WOULD force Nintendo into mobil/third party development to take Iwata's seat, and you know that it would ruin the company.

If we're going to get a replacement for Iwata, it should be after Miyamoto-san has trained them in the ideals that have kept Nintendo from becoming a clone of their competitors.

They can return to being competitive, but not by replacing Iwata with a phone lover. That's the plain truth of it.

pcz2134d ago

nintendo need to stop experimenting and just make good games.

nintendo need to stop trying to re-invent gaming and get back to doing what it does best-making classic games.

they have WASTED the last ten years trying to reinvent the wheel.

time to go back to basics, time to give us what we are crying out for- great games.

nintendo went from a classic making machine to a hit and miss willy wonka style gimmick factory.

ChickeyCantor2134d ago

"they have WASTED the last ten years trying to reinvent the wheel. "

Maybe that's what made their games so good?

pcz2134d ago


yes, nintendo have always been innovators, but they have lost their way now. i dont think anyone would mind them experimenting if it was just small projects, while they kept giving us the stone cold classics we are used to getting from them.

instead they are doing it backwards, seemingly devoting the majority of the companies resources to producing and force-feeding us these stupid experimental games, while the proper games are in short supply and few and far between.

its just not working. its a disaster.

andrewer2134d ago

No, they shouldn't stop experimenting. If no one do it, the only thing we'll be getting in the next consoles is better graphics, because Sony and Microsoft don't like to take risks. And if that happens, it's the same as upgrading a PC every few years.

thehobbyist2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Developer's shouldn't innovate for the sake of innovating. The PS4 was probably the LEAST innovative console of this generation and it's the biggest seller.
It's selling because the competition innovated too much. It's a console, and a controller. No emphasis on a camera, motion control or tablet controller.
I don't even want a PS4 and I can see that their lack of innovation is what's selling. Nintendo and M$ went too far with innovation. The tablet controller is great but not only is it unnecessary. It doesn't have games that utilize it to it's full potential.
The kinect. Yeah, I never liked the kinect. Still not as functional as consumer's would like and I just don't like the idea of it.

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kingjames182134d ago

Not only Iwata but also our current pizzaboy at NoA Reggie. Never liked him and I really don't see what good hes done. If anyone would want to enlighten me on what he has done I'll shut my mouth but I always kinda put him and Iwata together in ruining Nintendo.

WilliamUsher2134d ago

He was one of the main reasons the Super Smash Bros. Invitational took place at this year's E3.

*Drops mic.

JacketsNest1012134d ago

The guy is basically the corporate face of Nintendo, even more so than Iwata. If the japanese weren't so stringent about their cultural integrity then I would call for Reggie to be the president of Nintendo; sadly, due to Japan's cultural bias, that'll never happen.

thehobbyist2133d ago

Without Reggie we wouldn't have gotten Xenoblade Chronicles in the west.

indyman77772134d ago

Why would I ever buy a nintendo handheld if it is available on my high def cell phone, and I get new phones very often. Why would I for that matter get an nintendo game are available if they after putting games on cell phones decide to do the same with consoles.

No matter how you slice it if Microsoft did that they would have no incentive for me to buy a xbox one. Same with Sony why would I buy a ps4 if the games are available on a pc?

PS I would not do it just for the controller.

SuperBlur2134d ago

can you play pokemon red on your 3ds? honest question .

Zeroyosh2134d ago


Well you can't just put any game on a cellphone, because I don't care how cool your phone is, touchscreen will never be as good as a controller. I mean have you ever played mario on a touchscreen?

so the games that you would play on cellphones are stuff that doesn't require a lot of quick movements, or quick buttons. which leaves what...pokemon? that's about it lol

Thatlalala2134d ago

Oh yeah? You party with the chair members? Go to their company BBq's? Attend birthday parties? Sit in on the meetings? Stfu your full of shit.

lilbroRx2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Did you even read the article or just respond to the headline like most people do?

The reason they won't him out is because he won't put games on smart phones, not for anything you or most of these other posters are trying to bash him for.

ConfettiYeti2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Thank you! Your comment was spot on, I'm still confused on why Nintendo did not have their entire Virtual Console on the Wii U store from day one.

I love my Wii U, but there needs to be a few franchises brought back. And at this point in its life I feel there should have been a few more key franchise either announced or already out like Viewtiful Joe or another Metroid. Something else than what we currently have. But I am starting to get excited, I feel Nintendo is turning a corner.

I personally don't want Nintendo to change into a PS4 or Xbox One. I already own a PS4, I am still wanting that Nintendo innovation and variety they offer. I just would like bigger named franchise. They don't even have to be a full scale game. They could be a small arcade title for $15.

Baccra172133d ago

Nin definitely needs someone who's not afraid to put Nin brand games on the cellphones in a proper fashion, ands I'm all for getting rid of the puppet known as Iwata but to replace him with someone from the board? That doesn't sound any better either.

This is the gaming company that had investors ask why they, Nin - a game maker, talks about videogames and stuff all the time instead of how they'll be making them money. Last thing we need is a clueless person running the company.

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Chrono2134d ago

Bye bye Iwata, you won't be missed.

paulcek2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

If he's gone Nintendo's going mobile which will suck. So right now I'd rather have Iwata than anyone else. If they can find a better president that also wants to stick to consoles then I'm all for it.

GhostTurtle2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Just my personal opinion (and I love Nintendo). I think it just needs to be done and get it over with. I don't want Nintendo to go mobile, f*** that. But this dude will continue to drag the company down (let me rephrase that. They are not going to move forward/up). They just refuse to evolve at this point and just think that if they continue doing their own thing, s*** will just work itself out. You can disagree all you want, but the games would be better if they would just think outside the box, and just get with the program on certain issues. Their entire online infrastructure is a big example of what I'm getting at. Its why Splatoon won't reach its full potential, and that game looks like it has a lot going for it.

Summons752134d ago

He's overseen 2 successful systems and pulled the Wiiu out of its slump plus he just got voted back to his position. He's not going anywhere and if there was a scheme to get rid of him he wouldn't have been voted back.

user65409482134d ago

Sucessful to children and casuals. Not to most hardcore fans. Personally I feel like he has failed to hardcore gamers. Only Nintendo wing nuts like him no matter what he does.

I really am tired of what he has done to Nintendo.

DonDon2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Adam Sessler said it best:

Summons752134d ago

Success is still success and these so called "hardcore" who only play call of duty and want extreme and brutal violence says its not successful. Fact is the GameCube was great and the Wii and a lot of "hardcore" games. The cod kiddies can't accept the fact that just because something isn't photorealistic and choose yo be more artsy doesn't mean it only for kids.

Do I not like something they've done? Of course. I never had a Wii because I didn't like the idea of motion control but still the Wii was a success and the wiiu is one too and a great system.

No company is perfect but Nintendo always shows they can take a beating and still bounce back.

Trolltroll2134d ago

When did nintendo ever cater to "hardcore" gamers?
Yeah back in the old president's days they made hardcore games like donkeykong jr and pokemon. (sarcasim)

jcnba282134d ago

"Sucessful to children and casuals. Not to most hardcore fans."

And how do you think the PS2 managed to sell over 155 mil units?

Casuals and children.

andrewer2134d ago

@epicgrinds don't underestimate old games. If you know nothing about them, don't talk about them. If hardcore for you means shooting, killing, graphics then, well, it's not even worth talking. But if you mean difficult (*hard(core)*) games, then the past is full of them. Including Nintendo's games.

lilbroRx2134d ago

JCNBA, you hit the nail on the head.

Dehnus2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Ofcourse Hardcore gamers are only gamers that are playing Call of Duty, Moba games and only ZELDA if it has super Bro Gears of War like looks.

The same people that attacked WindWaker and Skyward sword for their art style (Even though they are like a Ghibli Animation and the latter like an Impressionist painting come alive).

But that is all KIDDY... and you can't be seen with that ofcourse or it will question your sexuality. And casual just means you have LESS TIME to play something, it doesn't mean you are not good at playing a game.

But hey have fun in shouting "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FILFTHY CASUAL!". As you'll ruin gaming with it and turn more and more people away from your consoles and PC's and towards mobile platforms. Games have been about having fun ever since gaming as a hobby was introduced centuries ago.

No that is not Electronic gaming, that is just the latest incarnation. Stop trying to hog everything for yourself.

Gears of War is hardly photorealistic. But they do want Zelda games to have such a Beefcake Link with voice acting and other crap.

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modesign2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

lol the wiiu never left a flump, it went from a poorly selling console to a poorly selling console,

summon your whats wrong with nintendo, your just as delusional as iwata, when wiiu's average weekly sale is only 30k, thats BAD, when it can only depend on solely its exclusives, thats BAD. the ps4 weekly sales are over 90K, thats GOOD, there are numerous 3rd party devs and publishers that support the ps4, that too is GOOD,

Summons752134d ago

It went from poorly selling with great games to selling well with a ton of great games and more on the horizon. Sales jumped up 600% with MK8 and hasn't dropped much since.

BiggerBoss2134d ago

@summons, the 600% figure was only for the UK and during the launch of MK8. I don't doubt the Wii U is selling better now, but it's definitely not selling 600% better on average

Knushwood Butt2133d ago

'Evergreen' games aren't there either.

quantae062134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

@epicgrinds Definitely sarcasm! Final Fantasy was only on the SNES back in the day. The N64 had Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark,Turok, 1080 Degrees Snowboarding, Wave Race 64, Excitebike 64, Blast Corps, Killer Instinct series, Star Fox, Wrestlemania 2000, Road Rash 64(fighting/racing game, Conker's Bad Fur Day. Not to mention the N64 had better graphics and played better on the N64 than it did on PS1. Southpark, Resident 2, WWF Attitude, Command & Conquer, Duke Nukem 64 were hardcore games to be had on the N64 instead of PS1.

MasterCornholio2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

I can understand why some investors want to get rid of Iwata. But Nintendo producing games for smartphones?

Really? That I dont think will ever happen unless Nintendo releases their own smartphone.

randomass1712134d ago

Hopefully it has buttons if that happens. Putting Mario on buttonless phones is a terrible idea.

youndamie2134d ago

You just gave Nintendo a great idea. Coming in November 2014 the Nintendo Galaxy M. Lol Samsung might sue them tho.

TekoIie2134d ago

You want Nintendo to go smartphone?

LOL_WUT2134d ago

We just want Nintemdo to do better that's all ;)

user65409482134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

@ Tekoli:

Hell no, not the smart phone crap. But yes to Iwata leaving. If Nintendo made their own phone then maybe (if it has buttons).

But just because Iwata does not want phone games either doesn't mean he's the only one at Nintendo who stands firmly against mobile games. Genyo Takeda also stood firmly against mobile gaming for Nintendo too. Iwata isn't needed in order to prevent Nintendo from being on other systems.