PS4 Indie Title Rogue Legacy Could Come to Wii U

"In a recent interview with Teddy Lee of Cellar Door Games, the developer behind Rogue Legacy, Lee commented that it is still quite possible to see Rogue Legacy on Nintendo platforms, albeit it may take a bit of waiting" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Snookies121936d ago

Why is the title 'PS4 Indie Title' when the game came out on PC first? Just seems kinda weird, lol.

Darkstares1935d ago

No kidding. I guess the popularity of the PS4 is why.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1935d ago

I'm waiting for Shovel Knight to hit PS4.

Palitera1935d ago

Excellent game. Currently on NG+, aiming for the platinum.

Hanso1935d ago

LOL good luck on that 15 death trophy run no NG+ allowed.

Palitera1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Appreciated. Will need every drop of it.

The toughest to me, though, are the remix bosses staged fights, since you can't bring your chars and tank these hellish creatures with a barbarian king or a hokage glass cannon. Lots of skill required.

maniac761935d ago

Dunno,can the wii handle it lolz

Cueil1935d ago

PC Indie Title Rogue Legacy Could Come to the Wii U

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