Japan: Comparing Yoshi's New Island Sales to Yoshi's Island DS

"Yoshi's New Island debuted on the Nintendo 3DS handheld last week. Although the game did do somewhat reasonably during its first week, coming in second place behind Yokai Watch 2, the game still sold a somewhat lower-than-expected 58,000 units. This figure amounts to roughly 58% of the total shipment, meaning that Nintendo shipped about 100,000 units of the game to retailers for launch" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Metallox1928d ago

The first issue I had with New Island it's its visuals, they didn't appeal to me at all. Yoshi's Island DS on the other hand looked cute and enjoyable to play. Next was the music, in the DS game is average, but in New Island it's horrible, I have listened the soundtrack. And finally, although I didn't play the game, many people said it was tedious, while the DS thing was at least entertaining, but it had its issues as well.

So I say New Island deserves those sales. Fortunately ebough though, we're getting a real Yoshi game for Wii U, which looks beautiful, seems to have average music, looks fun to play and it's actually supervised by Mr. Takashi Tezuka. I'm expecting good things of this game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1928d ago

the game was nothing special beat it in 6.5 hrs
1 world a day. It was also boring most of the time and I ended up speedrunning.