6 Mega Man Games Are Getting Re-released Over the Next Month

Twinfinite: "Starting yesterday with Mega Man: Battle Network, Nintendo is re-releasing a different Mega Man game every Thursday throughout August for the Wii U Virtual Console."

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XXXL1935d ago

This is cool. Now bring on the old Snes square games

deafdani1935d ago

How can Nintendo be re-releasing Mega man games if Capcom are the owners of the IP?

"Kudos to Nintendo"? Lol, no. In this case, kudos to Capcom.

Skate-AK1935d ago

It could be seen as Nintendo reaching out to a third party Dev. All people have been complaining is weak 3rd party support. That's probably why they said kudos. I do know what you are saying though.

jayzablade1934d ago

'How can Nintendo be re-releasing Mega man games if Capcom are the owners of the IP?'
Easy, they are releasing them on their Virtual Console, not Microsoft and not Sony...NINTENDO!! If it were Sony they'd probably try charging you $XXX dollars just for a few hours!!
Also if you're going to quote the article, use the full quote 'Kudos to Nintendo for beefing up the Wii U Virtual Console' not just an excerpt to try and run Nintendo down...Dick!!

deafdani1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I'm not running anyone down, I'm calling things the way they are. There's a big difference here, but you're being so overprotective of Nintendo you immediately jumped to their defense when nobody was actually attacking them.

Tone down your fanboyism and take a look at my comment history: you'll see I comment mostly on Nintendo related articles, because they're my favorite company. However, it is a fact that Capcom owns Mega Man, not Nintendo, and if any Mega Man game releases on the virtual console, it's because Capcom allowed it. Simple as that.

I could bubble you down for calling me a dick without provocation from my part (personal attack), but I won't, because I actually despise the bubble system in this site and I won't enable it negatively. Just make sure to read things more carefully next time before jumping to conclussions, okay? Peace.

randomass1711934d ago

I think you're half-right deafdani. These games couldn't have been released without Capcom's say so. But the other guys might be right in Nintendo being the ones to reach out and take the steps to make it happen. I think Nintendo recognizes more than Capcom just how popular classic Mega Man games are.

deafdani1934d ago

Those are just assumptions, we don't know that for a fact, do we? What we know for a fact, though, is that Capcom owns the license, and if their games are released anywhere, it's because they allowed it. That's all I was saying there.

randomass1711934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

You're right, they are assumptions. There's nothing definitive to say it's true. Call it a hunch since Capcom has no enthusiasm for Mega Man these days. Also congrats on getting your bubble back. :)

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swice1934d ago

Those have already been released on the VC

nunley331932d ago

I want the Mega man collection released on PSN with cross buy, cross save.