AMD On Mantle & DX12: Both APIs Can Co-Exist, Mantle Benefits Both Developers & Gamers

AMD explained how Mantle is different than other programming interfaces, detailed the benefits it brings to both game developers and gamers,

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Bigpappy1543d ago

He is doing an excellent job explaining what to expect from mantle. He just seems a bit uncomfortable when speaking about DX12. It may be that he is being careful not to ruffle any feathers with a strong partner like M$, or it could be that he thinks DX12 is really going to hurt the chances of Mantle gaining a major foothold in the industry. May be both.

lemoncake1542d ago

Mantle is only of use for AMD owners where as dx12 is for all pc users, its pretty clear which one developers will choose. Mantle has an uphill strugle and its already hit its biggest hurdle with nvidia refusing to support it.

Artemidorus1542d ago

Nvidia and Direct X12 for me.

MysticStrummer1542d ago

Noted and filed under WGAF.

Artemidorus1541d ago

You cared the moment you saw the comment.

gamernova1542d ago

Same. Nvidia is cocky but they have the hardware and software to back it up.

gapecanpie1542d ago

Mantle will be good until DX12 get here and once it do arrive Mantle will be dead...

FsterThnFTL1542d ago

Mantle could be very useful on Non-Windows OS where DirectX12 will not exist.

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