'Behind the Scenes' Footage from The Witcher 3 at Comic-Con

‘Behind the scenes’ footage from San Diego Comic-Con has just been released. Check out what developer CD Projekt Red, Youtube personalities, and Comic-Con attendees have to say about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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richierich1939d ago

Pointless video if I knew that there wasnt any new footage I wouldnt have bothered watching

Zenith4k1939d ago

Cheers for that saves me repeating time

skulz71939d ago

Yeah I know right. Extra finger energy was needed as well to type my birth in. What a waste of time and finger energy.

Zenith4k1939d ago

Lucky me than I didnt even take it that far read his comment and that stop me in my tracks

Imalwaysright1939d ago

I've seen people get sued for less than this.

imtheman20131939d ago

I feel like the quotes around "Behind the Scenes" are used ironically... I want new gameplay footage, not dubstep layered over quick, pointless camera shots of people talking about their Comic-Con experience.

ThichQuangDuck1939d ago

I had an enjoyable seizure salad from this pointless video

FalloutWanderer20771938d ago

I enjoyed the video.I understood what it was and accepted that. People who peek at the title and assume have no one but themselves to blame. I'd wager that SDCC footage will not materialize until gamescom or shortly after. If we are lucky maybe next week. Most of the time there are exclusivity rights for whereever the footage appeared,I see it being no different in this case. Patience, it will be released soon enough.

As much as I'd love to watch this demo presentation at the same time I have reservations because I do know for a fact it has some minor spoilers related to at least 1 main story quest. The one involving Johnny and what follows afterwards.

***Fair warning*** For those who didn't know that. I'd rather not see spoilers like that, I want to experience them in the game not in some demo. Kinda defeats the purpose IMO. To each their own.