PS4 vs Xbox One: Basically the Same Console

During the previous generation of consoles, KC used to say that the PS3 and Xbox 360 were far more similar than different, so arguing which system was best was like arguing what brand of glue tastes better. You might come to some consensus, but the argument was a losing battle and stupid to begin with. The Xbox 360 had party chat and better servers, while the PS3 had slightly better graphics and a Blu-ray player, but both systems shared a majority of games. With that said, this current generation is even more identical than the previous one.

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user74029311933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

its the same console. the only differences are

1. The Brand

2. The Name

3. The Controller

4. Resolutions

5. Hardware Capabilities

6. Exclusives

7. Fan base

8. Subscription Services

9. Console Life cycle

10. Different Ceo's

DeadlyOreo1933d ago

Love the disagrees. Xboxer numbers have been up in recent days on this site, I have noticed.

wodan1933d ago

Nah it is just the same person with multi accounts(truefan).

700p1933d ago

@wodan no its me and truefan, we split the dislikes.

Cindy-rella1933d ago

2015 nissan gtr and a 2015 mustang gt, basically the same car. services and specs doesn't matter

mp12891933d ago

wasted 10 minutes on this article which is not far from the amount of time it took to be written

Funantic11933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

More X1s have been sold lately. Wait until Gears Of War releases. They'll be long lines again ready to buy. But anyway the author of this article has a lot of sense. The gap between the PS4 and X1 is smaller than the one between the PS3 and 360. So that says a lot.

Cindy-rella1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

i think it was quite obvious i meant it sarcastically. why say sarcasm when the statement is ludicrous itself. specs matters a lot in this world and thats why people buy better performing devices and things

i bought a ps4 with the last of us and i must say this game is amazing and exceeded my expectations. i love how this game shines in a lot of areas and just shows what amazing developers naughty dog devs are. I've never played a game with such polish and high production value ever. accolades are well deserved and i wished more games can be made with high production value as the last of us.

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TheWatercooler1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

The only reason the consoles are similar is that Microshaft has done everything they possibly can to copy Sony and try to turn the Xbone into the PS4.

Why would anyone want a poor imitation when they can have the real thing?

user14394141933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

But you forgot one BIG thing.

The Powah of the CLOUD.


Letthewookiewin1933d ago

The Xbox One dose not have:
The Last of Us
Little Big Planet
No Mans Sky
The Order 1886
Drive Club
The World has gone to Rapture
Final Fantasy 14
Tons of exclusive Destiny content
Great Sales constantly on PSN
Swappable hard drive
Small form factor
So ya they are basically the same..
Not to mention its a weaker ststem for the same price. These are all facts.

1933d ago
Letthewookiewin1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@infected Your list is weak bro, but ya they both have their place and are both good consoles. Just pointing out the diff.

DLConspiracy1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Too add to your list of differences

11. Different sizes

12. Different shapes

13. Fanboys

14. Popularity

15. Belong to separate Companies

16. Online services

17. Separate fans entitlement to put down other
gamers because of a plastic box that plays games.

18. Social Hierarchy Status within the gaming

----------------------------- ---
The similarities are..

1. Similar excuses from last gen and this gen between gamers

2. Hypocrisy

3. Lack of playing games and spending days online
justifying purchases

4. Segregates gamers based on favorite corporation

5. Plastic boxes from souless corporations that
convince us they care about the consumer to make
money ($$)

6. Gaming Console.

Just a joke btw.

Fatal-Aim1933d ago

the author is a moron who's obviously butt hurt.

even with the XB1 copying a few of the PlayStation 4's software features, the console clearly holds a hardware advantage over the system both in the controller and the actual unit. beyond this and the that hill gets steeper for the XB1system.

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Reddzfoxx1933d ago

Article is right both systems use 7000 series GPU's and the number of shaders on each GPU is close enough you really wont see too much difference in performance gains with console level optimizations. Which to describe console level optimizations in terms or what kind of power that means is equivalent to 2 7000 series gpus in crossfire about 50%. Hence before dev kits for either console they had pc kits that had crossfired gpus in them to simulate the console level optimization.

This is why PC gamers are excited for the future of Direct X as if MS can get PC gamers as much as half of that in optimizations it will increase the lifespan many will get from newer graphics cards for at least another year before needing to upgrade again.

But the fact both can do 1080p really gives neither the advantage but exclusives and extras other then gaming will be good selling points to the casual gamers.

Im not trying to sound like a PC elitist but if both consoles had 8000 series gpus or even a r7 then maybe then the discussions would be relevant. But they are taking 7000 series GPU's and getting the performance of 8000 series and borderline r7 performance.

PharaohX1932d ago

1. & 2. Are pretty much the same Brand & Name
I will give you 3 for sure the PS4 controller is better than the Xbox One and more innovative
4. & 5. Are pretty much the same without the hardware capabilities the big 1080P 60 FPS argument is moot.
6. is opinion.
7. Again opinion
8. Ummmm opinion no one really is going to pay for PS Now. Plus and Live are virtually on equal footing now.
9. is also opinion
10. CEO's you think that is what makes a console better? People Love Nintendo's CEO so what's the point..

gfk3421932d ago

I have a questions: Does the Kinectless Xbox have voice commands? I know that PS4 has voice commands by having a simple mic connected to the DS4. Is this the same thing with the Kinectless Xbox or you need to have a Kinect for voice commands. Thanks

Fatal-Aim1932d ago

you need kinect.

like i said earlier, the PlayStation 4's hardware clearly surpasses the XB1 (console itself & controller) in specs. only a blind fanboy would oppose this. outside of this and that hill gets even steeper.

these two units are far from identical.

heck, the DualShock 4 alone has a packed-in battery, unboard speaker, accelerometer, gyro, touch pad, 2 analogue motors, and an a head phone jack that completely transfer tv audio through the head phones. all hardware people...

that's the controller alone AS A STANDARD, which is around the same price as a crippled XB1 controller with none of the above.

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Goku7811933d ago

No its not, Xbox One is not worth the asking price.


So the Xbox One is not worth $400? PS4 has a "Slightly" beefier GPU and that's it. Please don't say anything about GDDR5 since the APU can't even support a Memory Bandwidth past 85gb/sec for a read write cycle, so it has a very slight advantage over X1's 68gb/sec. X1 has a Faster CPU and Faster GPU (Still less powerful I know). Also the X1 has Cloud Computing Hardware like 4 move engines and ESRAM that could in the future be a leg to stand on vs Sony. HDMI In and Out is also more expensive than just "Out" Larger Fan and Heat Sink make it perform higher temps than PS4, also cost money. Ok you get it, The Xbox One is def worth $400 and $500 with Kinect. I have Both now (just got a PS4) and as much as I like both of them, they are pretty well comparable. PS4 has better Resolutions and steadier framerates and Xbox One Has a faster UI and I can have 4 apps and 1 game running at once or 2 on the screen at the same time. You Sony fans need to stop acting like the PS4 is some super computer, it's not, it can preform better graphics in-house and that's about it. X1 some things better than PS4, if you have both, you know.

Mega241933d ago

You know, you don't have to try and justify your money spent on some console, because a troll says otherwise. If you reply to them, you're just feeding them, giving them more power.

Acadius1933d ago

I have PS4 and Xbox One since launch. I don't think you have both systems because if you did, you would redact that "faster UI" statement. It takes 5 seconds from the moment I hit the Home button to access anything on my X1 system whereas my PS4 is immediate.
I also played cod Ghosts and Destiny beta on BOTH my systems. Yes, there is an obvious difference in visuals.
I enjoy my Xbox One but my PS4 is my true gaming system. I look forward to Halo MCC and Advanced Warfare for X1. But I'm politely disagreeing with your previous post. The proof is obvious when you have both systems.

1933d ago
LamerTamer1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

"Xbox One Has a faster UI and I can have 4 apps and 1 game running at once or 2 on the screen at the same time"

Which is one of the reasons the xbone consistently lags behind the PS4 in game performance. All of that bloat and overhead of the OS and multitasking takes CPU cycles away from games. Having things running at the same time or having them in memory is not free.

To me I would rather have more resources available to the games so they can look and run as good as possible but then again I am not ADHD, have the attention span of a gnat, and have to be doing 12 things at once.

larrysdirtydrawss1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

slightly better gpu? you need to check the gpu fact-sheet... let the butthurt flow hard in yout anus and fester

Reddzfoxx + 14h ago

Article is right both systems use 7000 series GPU's and the number of shaders on each GPU is close enough you really wont see too much difference in performance gains with console level optimizations. Which to describe console level optimizations in terms or what kind of power that means is equivalent to 2 7000 series gpus in crossfire about 50%. Hence before dev kits for either console they had pc kits that had crossfired gpus in them to simulate the console level optimization.

ya similar shaders,,except ps4 can do a LOT more of em... just like textures

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0P-Tigrex1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

PS4 is stronger and has the better games. Xbox has more features. The consoles are both Good. But PS4 dominates. And to the disagrees.. i love how you disagree with fact.

system221933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

fact: "better games" is not a fact, its an opinion.
fact: the ps4 dominates sales
fact: the xb1 dominates functionality
fact: disagreeing with your comment is disagreeing with your assessment - which is... an opinion. :)

y7jzdgy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Better games really? I thought that was a subjective thing. *scratches head*

The PS4 is more capable but not by much regardless of what fanboys will say on this site. Jeez, there's still a few games that the PS4 can't even do in 1080p and for that reason chest beating over resolution is so damn silly. Want to boast about power without looking like an idiot? Build yourself a mid range gaming PC and go to town in the forums. Mission accomplished.

Personally I feel that the only reason people boast so much about the PS4's greater but still limited capabilities (compared to PC) is because it's really the only thing that the PS4 has over the X1 if we're going to be honest. Not only is it a silly argument because the PS4 has it's own limitations as well, it's a silly argument because history proves that more powerful hardware simply doesn't matter. Because It's always been about the games.

CaptainObvious8781932d ago

The PS4 is more capable and by a lot, regardless of what fanboys will say on this site.

Fixed that for you.

When are people like you going to finally drop this argument and accept reality so we can get back to discussing games?

chrissx1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Basically the same console except Ps4 is stronger and faster. Ps4-Ryu, xbox-Dan

buttclown1933d ago

Lol, I like and hate the comparison because of my dislike for fighting Ryu and playing as Dan.

I mean I have seen some people play as Dan really well :)

CorndogBurglar1933d ago

lol, yeah thats true. But it still doesn't make Dan a good character.

buttclown1933d ago

I know but at least entertaining lol. I'm grasping here, can't defend Dan. I have failed father...

GrandpaSnake1932d ago

i beg to differ @corndog/@buttclown
dan is a very good character compared to ryu when it comes to pokes and distance and isn't completely useless in sf games. i personally liked him in capcom vs snk2 were his a groove is beast.

700p1933d ago

And xbox has the better exclusives.

poor_cus_of_games1933d ago

I have both system's and can honestly say that the xbox does not have better sequels. Dead rising is nothing new with terrible graphics and textures. Ryse is very shallow and extremely linear with nearly no background interaction, kinda like look but don't touch lol. Don't even get me started on the over hyped titanfall. Also has graphics worse than cod ghosts and gets very boring very quickly.

Hanso1932d ago

remind me again on which console Bloodborne is coming out?

jts18911932d ago

Such as the illustrious Ryse or the critically-acclaimed Dead Rising 3? Oh wait....

DevilOgreFish1933d ago

"PS4 vs Xbox One: Basically the Same Console." they mean what's being sold out of the box. they're both x86 based and come packaged with standard stuff at the same price. opinion takes over from there.