Symphonic Legends Concert – Round-up : 3DSBlessed

NintyFanDavid writes : "I arrived early at the Barbican to collect my ticket for this concert, well aware that the previous Zelda concerts at Hammersmith Apollo had both had big crowds outside from early on. So I was surprised that there was not really anyone around that was going to the concert until about 5:30 (and these happened to all be people who knew about the 6pm talk with the arrangers). This probably prepared me for the fact that this concert was going to be quite different from the other concerts.

The pre-concert talk was quite interesting, despite the fact that the arrangers did not really give much away and just went through what was written in the programme. That said, I do really feel it succeeded in getting those that attended the talk in the mood for the concert. The arrangers also took some interesting questions from the crowd (again, despite that fact they did not give much away or go into much detail). The highlight from this part, for me, was when someone asked if the arrangers realised the date of the concert was the same day as the World Cup Final. To this they replied that they did not realise until about two minutes after the concert was announced, and also joked that the organiser had also questioned why this one date was free in a very jam packed calendar at the Barbican (although I don’t think it was much of an issue myself especially as there were some big acts playing elsewhere in London on the same night). Someone also made a joke about hoping the conductor stayed for the duration as he was German (Germany were in the final, and won, for those that don’t know)".

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