Things Bungie Needs to Smooth Over from Destiny Beta

"The Destiny Beta has come and gone. According to Bungie, over 4.6 million players tried out the beta version of the game across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Overall, I enjoyed my play experience with Destiny Beta, and I definitely want to give the final version a look in September. However, Bungie needs to smooth over some issues with the Destiny Beta. This article covers some things I want to see polished up or carried over for the final game." |

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Dwalls11711937d ago


The beta was awesome . . but if they want feedback on what will make it better here's my wish list . .

Insane amount of original gear and armor
More dance moves lol
Open voice chat in crucible matches
Day one dlc

n4gusername1936d ago

Better chat/party system.

Iamnemesis48801936d ago

Would love for the beta states to go into the full game will be slightly peeved but then again change race and class that is not a bad idea if you think about it and more dance moves ;) maybe let us have more places to par-core in the tower and give the ships docking mass so we don't fall to our deaths.
Also put a little bit more detail in the mini map show the enemy as dots rather than the rectangles when you are near and a circle when your right on top of them. OH AND MORE GUNS.