UGO: Blast Works Review

UGO writes: "Majesco has gone and done it. Wii owners finally have a reason to rassle with lofty concepts like Friend Codes and wireless Internet connections, thanks to the publisher's Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy, developed by Budcat Creations. At base a remake of a 2004 PC-only side-scrolling shooter, Blast Works also includes a hefty set of editing tools and a web-based content-sharing portal. Not only can players create levels, ships, enemies and firing patterns, they can also share their creations online with the Blast Works community. Best of all, knowing enough to locate your console-specific Friend Code and get your Wii online is all that's necessary to join in on the fun.

The core of the Blast Works experience is actually a remade PC shooter called Tumiki Fighters, originally developed by Kenta Cho's ABA Games. It is a scrolling shooter in the vein of such classics as Gradius and R-Type, though with one pretty remarkable twist. Destroyed enemies can be attached to your ship, Katamari Damacy-style, simply by flying into them. Collected debris doubles as both a shield and a power-up, with downed, collected enemies continuing to fire in whichever direction they were facing when they were absorbed."

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