5 PC Games That Defined the 90s

Joshua Vanderwall:

Whether or not you ever played an ASCII game on a BBS, if you've been playing games for a few years, you're probably familiar with some of these classics.
Wolfenstein 3D

Helping to popularize the FPS genre, Wolfenstein 3D introduced the world to renowned badass B.J. Blazkowicz way back in 1992. Shareware was all the rage, the 486 processors were getting to be affordable, and memory was still at a premium. Wolfenstein 3D was amazing on the 486 in my father's basement, but it only required a 286 processor to run. Amazingly, it needed only 500k of memory and 8MB HDD space for the full install. That's roughly the size of just one of my wedding pictures.

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wtopez1634d ago

"Requiring a blisteringly fast 90MHz Pentium processor and a staggering 16MB of RAM, StarCraft is hands down the most demanding of the games on the list."

Heuheuheu. So powerful.

bumnut1634d ago

My first PC was a 12MHz 286 with 1MB RAM!

KentBlake1634d ago

Just like mine....and it had a green CGA monitor....back in 1991

1633d ago
ArchangelMike1634d ago

How can you list games that defined the 90's without including Half-Life? I mean seriously!!! That game single handedly set the bar for immersive story telling in a FPS.

You also left out Quake, another game that set the bar interms of being the first true 3D FPS. For the first time in a FPS game you could look up and down (free-look was fully enabled)!!! We take that for granted sooo much today but back in the day it was only forward - back - left - right :)

chris13gt1634d ago

Probably he means early '90s,but in general you are right.

Eldyraen1634d ago

I was disappointed that neither Diablo or Baldur's Gate waere not on the list. From an RPG lovers perspective, those 2 games (or at least one of them) should had been there. It could be argued there were better rpgs but none really made as big of an impact as those 2.

Granted trying to just pick 5 games to define the decade would be tough but still... I do agree they all left their mark but for me at least one of those should had made it.

ATi_Elite1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

That list is total CRAP!

1. Doom - This IS PC Gaming of the Ninties

2. Warcraft - The RTS game was the beginning of competitive RTS before Starcraft

3. Half Life / Counter Strike Half life revolutionized story telling and Counter strike is the GRAND DAD of online MP

4. The Elders Scroll Dagerfall / Diablo ushered in a revolution in action RPG and Dagerfall brought us open worlds to explore and different beings unlike any other game making you feel really immersed in the game.

5. Wing Commander - Space combat simulation made super darn good.

6. Quake sorry gotta add this bad boy as it invented Twitch gaming

some may disagree which is cool but this is what I remember most about PC gaming in the 90's.

oh and Ati Rage 2 and 3DFX Voodoo1 GPU's

Eldyraen1634d ago

I think why Starcraft was listed instead of Warcraft is simply that Starcraft exploded and left a much bigger impact globally (especially in regards to professional gaming). Warcraft in many ways is the more recognizable franchise (in part due to World of Warcraft) and I would die for a Warcraft 4 but Starcraft was what really made Blizzard a global contender. That said, I actually prefer Warcraft in many ways (Warcraft 3 after all accidently went about creating one of the most played genres today--mobas).

I too though am sorely disappointed they didn't mention an RPG as the 90s was basically THE decade of superb RPGs on the PC and most of them released in a relatively short timeframe. Baldur's Gate or Diablo were the 2 I thought of first although the Elderscrolls games are now much more prevalent in people's minds (always great but even bigger now than then). Baldur's Gate and basically any game from Black Isle is the first thing I think of for an example of why PC RPGs are king. I have no clue how much time I spent playing these games but it was a lot. These were also the days when Bioware began to become one of my favorite devs ever.

You almost need to divide the 90s into 2 parts though as the early 90s and mid-late 90s started to see a huge difference in what was possible. It was a fantastic decade though all in all--not that its been bad since but the 90s are what really started to establish everything we still use today.

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DougLord1634d ago

Starcraft should be replaced with Warcraft. Must does not belong on here, it's not a game. Instead what about Final Fantasy or Ultima. Star Control 2 was also epic.

Vegamyster1634d ago

I'd say Dune II since it was the RTS that defined what the genre would become.

ATi_Elite1634d ago

Or do u mean Dune the battle for Arakis that is the base for all Rts games and it debut was the Genesis/mega drive i love that game.

Vegamyster1634d ago


That's the European name, it came out 1 year after the PC version.

iNFAMOUZ11634d ago

myst pissed me off when i was a kid cause i never knew it was a point and click until now, i always thought the game was bugged cause it didnt move, i had to look for the clues and that pissed me off more so i gave up, everytime i look at the new myst games i laugh and clentch in confusion lol

RantandRave1634d ago

Wing Commander epic goodness. I miss that game.

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