Why the creators of 'Halo' left Microsoft to make 'Destiny'

Bungie's sci-fi shooter (and sort-of MMO) Destiny held an open beta this past weekend for all home consoles (PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360) simultaneously. It's an ambitious game for the team that created Halo, joined Microsoft, and subsequently split from the company to make this multi-platform game (signing a 10-year deal with publisher Activision Blizzard in the process). We talked with Polygon Editor-in-chief Chris Grant for more on the impact of the beta and why Bungie left and how important this $500 million project is for everyone involved.

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Ezz20132613d ago

i don't know maybe because they want to make new IPs and try new things while MS wanted them to keep making Halo
so they left

i think we will never know

Software_Lover2613d ago

But there still making Halo............ with RPG elements (j/k j/k)

serious note. It was a mutual decision and just looking from my eyes (point of view) they probably knew they could make more money and secure a better future going multi with Destiny. They need to bring it to PC and Steam though.

Destiny would've sold consoles if it were an XBone exclusive, but launching on 4 platforms is crazy.

Bigpappy2613d ago

Simple. They knew they could make more money on their own than under M$. Had nothing to do with being tired of making Halo.

mochachino2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Cause Bungie approached MS and said, we want to make a new type of Halo which is a mix of MMO and it will be cross-gen with no subscription and cost about $250 million to make for xone and 360. And MS said, nope, just make regualr Halo again - that works everytime for big bucks, and we just spent 500 million advertising Kinect, Ellen ain't cheap ya know.

CertifiedGamer2612d ago

It is because Destiny is their own IP while Halo is not.

Army_of_Darkness2612d ago

Bungie wanted Halo on a playstation platform which is why they teamed up with Activision and made Destiny ;-)

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Mega242613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Bungie wanted to move on to new IP's, while MS wanted more Chief. Some games should be only trilogies, after many sequels people lose their interest, look at Call of Duty, its getting out of hand, and their sales aren't the same anymore. I think Uncharted might be going in the same direction.

@Edit Below: Halo 3 has an estimate 17m to 18m copies sold, while Halo 4 has an estimated 9.3m one sold half more.

Gr1mmyshadows2613d ago

"Some games should be only trilogies, after many sequels people lose their interest"

Well that isn't the case with Halo

Jordan882613d ago

You have to factor in the fact that halo 3 Had 5 years extra on the market than the other... Also that one was released in the consoles prime while the other was released at the end of it's cycle.. And that Halo 3 was the first Halo of the Generation as a sequel to halo 2 arguably the original xbox's best game.

WeedyOne2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Halo 4 sold less because the multiplayer sucked compared to the rest of the Halo games, not because Halo has too many sequels.

The second they got rid of weapons on the map and added a perk system my boner for halo shriveled up.

Thankfully iv heard that Halo 5 will at least have a mode that brings back weapons on the map and has it where everyone will start with the same weapon, so i'm still hopeful they will get it right! But they better have FFA at launch...

jts18912613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Where are you getting your numbers? Halo 3 has only sold around 12 million units exactly. Halo 4 is at 9 million. Considering that Halo 3 has been on the market for most of the 360's lifespan and that Halo 4 only came out in 2012, the 3 million or so difference in units sold is perfectly understandable.

YodaCracker2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )


Not to mention, Halo 3 released in an era before Call of Duty rocketed in popularity and became the go-to FPS.

Utalkin2me2612d ago


Yeah but Halo3 sold its 8 of 14 million in the first 6 months.

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IcicleTrepan2613d ago

You're probably right. They could have just had the IP worked on by another company and let Bungie do what they want and still kept them. That's what they're ending up with anyway now, with 343

gangsta_red2613d ago

Why does any company leave a huge business to do what they want. Ask Insomniac, it's rare but it happens.

Death2613d ago

Insomniac has always been an independant third party developer. They worked closely with Sony for many years, but they were still independant.

gangsta_red2613d ago

They still left the comfort and security of Sony. Still applies.

assdan2613d ago

Microsoft will never let halo end. I'm pretty sure that Bungie wanted to stop after reach.

TheWatercooler2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Microsoft have been forcing Bungie to make halo games due to the contract they had when they wanted to do something different. It's no wonder that when the contract was up they left them straight away and sided with sony.

Microsoft destroy studios just look at Rare and now Crytek. Bungie got out while they still could

Death2613d ago

Rare was a case of bait and switch. Microsoft aquired the company for a premium price and then the Stomper bros left the company. Microsoft wanted and assumed they had bought the creative talent, but all they received were the IP's. It was a very good lesson learned.

Microsoft didn't own Crytek so I'm not sure what you are saying.

As for Bungie, many from Bungie stayed behind at 343 Studios to continue work on the Halo franchise. Bungie didn't have a contract, they were part of Microsoft Studios. When the founders of Bungie told Microsoft they were leaving, Microsoft agreed to let them go with their name and on good terms. As they learned from Rare, you can own the name, but you don't own the talent.

buttclown2613d ago

I may be wrong about this but I don't think that many from Bungie stayed outside of a few with the big one being Frank O'Conner. Also, if I remember right didn't Joseph Staten just join MS Studios a few months back?

TheXgamerLive2613d ago

Hahaha and all fhey did was make a Halo game rip off.
Im guessing Halo 5 will be destinyesq but open world bigger and better.

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IVanSpinal2613d ago

played the Destiny Beta and i can say: overhyped game

strickers2613d ago

Thankfully that is all you can say :-).
Love Destiny. Played hours of Alpha and Beta. It helps if you have friends to play with.
There's no game announced for next 12 months that interests me more.

MysticStrummer2613d ago

"played the Destiny Beta and i can say: overhyped game"

You can say it, but it's still no more than an opinion. Other people loved it.

NobleTeam3602612d ago

I love Destiny also, but other people loving the game is also just an opinion also :)

OrangePowerz2613d ago

That seems to be only a small minority, the majorityof people seem to have had a lot of fun with the beta.

danthegamerfiend2613d ago

i loved it, finally something fresh and new to play with friends vs the same generic cod and bf games over and over again. I miss the days when halo was king, and destiny has potential to bring it back.

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OrangePowerz2613d ago

Guess the finally wantes to make the game that Halo should have been? Originally Halo was supposed to be completely open and more like an MMO with online players running around on the ring.

xDHAV0K24x2613d ago

Yet it has Halo written almost all over it! I saw a needler-like weapon, the AI even dodged like Elites! The dropship lands and the AI jump out of it almost identical...smh. I'ma buy it man Bungie! this was the chance to BREAK out completely! Even the guilty spark clone!

Software_Lover2613d ago

its crazy the similarities. Even the noises that The Fallen make when you're out killing them reminded me so much of sneaking up on covenant. The sounds of the game are HALO-ESQUE. Its not like the left Crash Bandicoot and went to make Uncharted. They basically reskinned it and added more things.

ricochetmg2613d ago

a fair comparison would be drake to the last of us.

CrimsonAzure2613d ago

So you're going to create this amazing world with great characters, a deep lore, and a pretty kickass enemy.. but as soon as you leave your camp you no longer have the right to do anything with what you created? How fair does that seem to you as the creator? Just look at what Inafune did with Mighty No.9. When you lose the rights to your creation, you create the next best thing. And try to distance yourself enough to not be sued.

ShowGun9012612d ago

wow, ive noticed this also, like how all micheal bay movies have explosions, or how toriyamas other mangas have a similar art style to Dragonball Z.

its just their style! other studios do it too! (TLoU/Uncharted, COD/Titanfall, anything ubisoft apparently)

SliceOfTruth8882613d ago

maybe...just was out of respect i know that sort of thing is unthinkable around these parts with sony fanboys just waiting for something, but it seemed pretty obvious.

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