Ghastly Media: Podcast Episode 2

In the second show, the podcast crew composed of Carlos ‘Orpheo’ Ortiz, Tim the Asian, Gamer, & Trunz give their review of Microsoft & Sony’s E3 press conferences, along with Nintendo’s E3 Direct footage. Also, Gamer tells of his trip to PlayStation’s E3 Theater Experience as a VIP while Tim relates a bit of his journey to E3 and his on-scene impressions. Sit back and enjoy their unique take on the events that transpired and hear if their E3 predictions from the previous episode rang true.

Unfortunately Gabriel / Sons was too ill to attend the recording, but don’t fret, he’ll be fighting fit for episode three.

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The INDIE Live Expo 2024 event showcased +150 Games during its Saturday broadcast

"INDIE Live Expo, Japan’s premiere online digital showcase series connecting indie game fans all over the world, highlighted more than 150 games during its Saturday broadcast introducing world premieres, new trailers, and updates during its 10th-ever digital showcase." - INDIE Live Expo.

TGG_overlord2h ago

Very much so, there should be something in there for everyone to enjoy for sure.


The DevGAMM conference is returning to Lisbon (Portugal) on November 14th, 2024

"Following a great event in November of last year, DevGAMM Lisbon is coming back to the beautiful and sunny Cascais region to catch up with old friends, connect with game developers from around the world, hear from seasoned professionals, and have a great time all around." - DevGAMM.


Why Indie Games Fail To Keep Their Place In The Spotlight

A look into the sad trajectory of indie games from high successful releases to complete irrelevancy in just a few weeks or months.

shaenoide2d ago

Easy not enough developpers to add content to the game (palworld)

Profchaos2d ago

That's the thing with gaming there's always new experiences to have why spend months or years playing a single game when there's a new experience right around the corner.

Indie or AAA if your building your game expecting long term player counts you'll probably be disappointed as gamers often enjoy something for a few weeks and move on only to return if it's truely a classic.

Out of all the generations I've experienced there's games from 30 plus years ago I still dust off and play like super Mario bros, earthbound, vice city and san Andreas being games I treasure and revisit every few years but I'm not going back to play a game designed to keep me engaged for months on end because it's also designed to milk my wallet in most cases.

Build a great game that people love make it playable offline and ask does it matter if the concurrent player count is under 100 a year post launch more often that not it doesn't

P_Bomb2d ago

The price of entry is too high to take chances like I used to. Was looking at V Rising and that ranges from $50-$130 CAD. That’s a lot for an indie imo. By the time it goes on sale, the player count might be dwindling. But that’s the trade-off, I guess.

Si-Fly2d ago

I’m glad my preference is single player experiences, Indie devs got me covered 👊🏻

Flewid6382d ago

Indie devs dont make multiplayer games?

Si-Fly2d ago

Read the article dude 👍🏻

Flewid6382d ago

Read the article. Same question.