Review: Farming Simulator 14 (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: " I will say that this is the first game i’ve played in the Farming Simulator series from GIANTS Software. So I apologize to any of the veterans out there who enjoy this series. I have to admit that the 3D graphics were pretty enjoyable. The buildings, vehicles and landscape all looked good while using that feature. Thats probably one of the only compliments I have for this game. I hate to give any farming sim a bad review because I usually enjoy these types of games but I found myself utterly bored and I lost interest very quickly. Like I said earlier you may be able to enjoy Farming Simulator 14 after studying your game manual thoroughly, its just not my cup of tea. So if you have a whopping $29.99 thats just burning a hole in your suspenders and you’d love to harvest wheat all day every day this is the game for you!"

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