Interesting Simulator Games

Love them or hate them, the ubiquitous “Simulator” games continue to go from strength to strength causing a considerable amount of bemusement that baffles most critics. Traditionally these games feel like harmless fun but some games now give the impression that they can train you to do the real thing.

Simulators of the Surgeon, Goat, Rock or even Grass variety offer gimmicky fun for a few hours, but they are ultimately novelty games with little replay value once the joke has outstayed its welcome, but you could argue that they attempt to inject a little fun into the genre and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Being able to let your imagination run wild and be whoever you wanted to be in another universe has always ensured a healthy amount of escapism in gaming, so it’s something of a surprise to see gamers escaping to play games where they perform everyday jobs complete with mundane tasks.

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