Will EA Drive Digital Content Through EA Access

Fact number One …………….. Software companies continue to drive towards Digital Downloads!

Fact number Two …………….. Microsoft Introduced the Xbox One as the console that would be the market leader in Digitally controlled content

Fact number Three ………….. EA were quick to destroy the long hated Online pass that plagued the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles towards the end of the last generation

Fact number Four ………….. EA Sports FIFA introduced micro-transactions, (FIFA Ultimate Team Coins), that have been adopted by many more titles since.

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cfc781939d ago

With this being EA you can bet your ass there will be multiple ways of them getting money out of us thrown into Access i can't see them settling for 5-30 bux a year its not the EA way.

Evilsnuggle1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

fact number 1 EA, Activation and microsoft are Axis of evil They are greedy corpora pigs who want to destroy gamers rights and take ownership of games away from gamers . I don't trust any of these 3 companies i do not lor trust ike digital its bad for gamers rights !

Axios21939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

fact # 1 that you hide, Sony:

applied for
and holds

a patent to block used games, also known as DRM

On topic, Digital games are great, no swapping disks, and they go where you go, without dragging piles of discs with you.

The EA Access is great, for less the a new copy of BF4 or FIFA 14, ppl get 4 games just to start, then discounts and early access.

@ Ashien, you would still have to download the game from the disc when you get to your destination.

BlackTar1871939d ago

yes Axios they have had that since PS1.


ThatOneGuyThere1939d ago

ive never seen anyone dragging piles of games. your argument is invalid.

Ashlen1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Axios, you have to download games, it's not as simple or convenient as you pretend.

Personally if I am going to a friends house to play a new game I'd MUCH prefer to just take the disk. And if I want to loan a game to them I would WAY rather lend them a disk than give them my password.

Ashlen1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Wow Axios... download from the disk eh?

I assume you mean install. Which takes about 5-10 Mins on PS4 which can install while you play.

Try downloading a 20-30+ GB game in that time... good luck. And you'll still have to install that download.

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Software_Lover1939d ago

I would buy it as I buy my "every year" sports franchises one year off. I buy madden 13 when madden 14 comes out and so on. I would save money in the long run. 30.00 a year isn't bad as I usually spend 20.00 per game anyway. I still have all my old madden games from the beginning of this gen and haven't went back to play any once the new one came out.

sidenote:.......... I wish it included 2k basketball LOL

Steptoe1939d ago

This is just EA'S way of slowly convincing us that free to play is good. It isn't!

xboxpete1939d ago

free to play is being dealt with separately, however EA has a long term vision of releasing basic code similar to it and then asking the consumer to pay for the bits that you want

as a side note i am personally against this in the long term, however i wanted to open the debate up.

As for the Sony DRM this is also a fact, but was not on the topic i wrote about so i left this out.

Mikeyy1939d ago

Hype hype hype. Can we just skip to the disappointment stage instead?

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The story is too old to be commented.