FIFA 15 Preview (The Gaming Review)

TGR's James looks ahead to EA's next game in the FIFA series, and is hoping to see something far more impressive on the new consoles.

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boneso821730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

This is not a preview! A preview means a "pre" as in before "review"! There is no mention that they have even seen the game running, let alone played it! How can they preview a game they haven't seen or played?

This article is nothing but a repeat of EA's own marketing for the game from the trailers shown so far... dissapointing!

Nathan1701730d ago

We will only see real previews during gamescom.

bez871730d ago

I'm a little worried that the best thing they could talk about in the game is the grass cutting up which only for cosmetic's, and that players remember things and show emotion, nothing about anything else, please god don't be just a o will add cutting up grass which no one even cares about, gamescom is soon so hopefully they put my mind at rest.

Linwelin1730d ago

Would like to see the players with ambition, to win things, and to play for top clubs. Doubt that will be in it though :(