Memorable Video Game Dogs

Marcus Estrada writes: "We all know that dogs are (supposedly) man’s best friend but they actually don’t show up a ton in video games. Valiant Hearts: The Great War recently provided players with an intense historically-driven experience via its cast of unique characters - including a medical dog. Seeing this dog utilized in the game made me think about other video games which have utilized dogs in some manner. What were some of the best dog sidekicks or playable pups? Here are the ones that stand out most to me."

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DerekFlint0071963d ago

I am surprised that Chop (GTAV) didn't merit an honourable mention, not least for his [email protected]!ng abilities.

salmon_slapped1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

WTF how did Dogmeat not make the list? or Rex?

TheROsingleB1962d ago

Right? I came to this list expecting Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and Barbas from Skyrim.
The thing about Barbas is that he was essentially a non-killable companion as long as you never finished the "A Daedra's best friend" quest.
How is that not memorable?

Jonny5isalive1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

THe one from duck hunt.

And the one from MDK 2, MAX.

DeadRabbits1962d ago

First time I jumped in fear at a game was resi evil when a zombie dog jumped through the window. So Zombie dog should be there!

Goro1962d ago

Dog's Life was an awesome game back in the day, i miss Jake's adventures...

WeAreLegion1962d ago

Same here. I'd love another one.

Agent20091962d ago

Very underrated title. I also wish for a sequel.

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