Who Really Benefits From EA Access?

Yesterday EA announced a new premium service, coming exclusively to Xbox One. Dubbed “EA Access”, it will allow users to browse and play a growing selection of the publisher’s “biggest games”.

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Axios21730d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

The subscriber



@ Melimel, It's the PS fanboys, anything that effects MS positively sends them into a rage.

@ Soapshoes, now flip what you said around, "most of the haters here..."

christocolus1730d ago

From all I've read so far, it definitly seems like the gamers will be benefiting the most. The early reactions to the acess programme from gamers and the press has been really positive. Some of my friends have signed up brother is waiting a bit before jumping in too.

I just hope EA can keep adding really great games to the vault over time cos this might turn out to be really big for all those involved.

ramiuk11729d ago

the only way the gamer will benefit is if they buy every EA game anyway and only buy digital versions.

10% discount is nothing as games will still be over $55 with no resale value.
EA and MS are the winners here.

who plays fifa 14 when 15 is out?,same with all other games.
EA sells yearly releases,except the odd couple.
notice titanfall isnt on there too.

donthate1729d ago

So far EA Access has up front given me enough value that I recouped the cost already with BF4 and Peggle 2. Buying both of them would cost me more, let alone the more games coming to the vault and the discounts.

So who benefits from this?

First EA fighting off GameStop, secondly gamers and third MS to a limited extent. After all for MS it is very little money compared to GwG and the majority has to be shared with EA. It also creates a competing service with GwG.

The initial good will of consumers will soon be forgotten.

Anyhow, if you don't like GameStop or want to support the game creators, then buy EA Access!

MeliMel1730d ago

How did you get disagrees man. All 3 were right. Gamers, MS and EA all benefits from this.

If this works out I wonder if other publishers will follow with their own sub service.

SoapShoes1730d ago

The only ones claiming this to be good are Xbox fanboys and the proof is how they are latching on so tightly now that Sony denied them. Pathetic.

MeliMel1730d ago

At SoapShoes,

So we are fanboys for liking EA Access?
Did it ever cross your mind, that had it been on PS4 that some fanboys of that camp would have supported it aswell. But since its not its easy for you to take shots. Lol..a fanboy talking bout fanboys...

TheFanboySlayer1729d ago

All 3 have to benefit lol it is a business.....

Playstation now is currently a failure with those prices....but I am not going to is still in beta and the prices are subject to change Sony says

SoapShoes1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

The fanboys are in full force pretending like this is a good service when it's ok at best. It's easy to spot them(fyi Axios is a hardcore fanboy) and I'm not saying you are one. I'm just saying most of the supporters here are just because it's ammo to their war. -_-

MeliMel1729d ago

@ SuperShoes,

I wish that had been your first comment I read. Now I know what your trying to say and I agree.

BTW- Altho I like what im reading on EA Access. In no way do I think this service is some type of game changer.

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Sayai jin1730d ago

Me. For me it was this simple. I was going to buy Madden and Peggles for my kids. I got received a beta key for EA Access. I purchased the yearly subscription for $30. My kids downloaded Madden, Peggles, and FiFA. $100 to $150 worth of games, but only paid $30...thats a win in my book.

stuna11730d ago

EA and Microsoft benefit simply because there's no guarantee that games being released are going to be games that the customer is necessarily interested in or, the frequency in which games are released in may show huge gaps in timely releases. This is mainly bad for those who choose to invest in a yearly subscription, because they could potentially go a full year without coming across a title that they're actually interested in purchasing. Meanwhile an active Gold account has to be maintained, coupled with the fact that you've also invested $30 on top of it for EA Access.

The same can be applied to PS Now, but as of now there is no actual price model that's been confirmed or, whether PS Now and PS+ comes up with a all inclusive model.

EA and Microsoft are different entities, so as far as a all inclusive model for them, I don't see either one giving much leeway as far as the customer is concerned.

mhunterjr1730d ago

You're doing a lot of speculating.

It also could be said that titles in the vault will be games that people DO want to play, that the discounts and early access DO add value to the service, and the option to pay $5 monthly is an great option for people who have concerns that the services offerings may not be strong for the entirety of the year.

I signed up for 1 month of EA access last night. I've essentially got 30day rental on Madden, FIFA, Battlefeild 4, and Peggle 2. It's already worth it. If next months offering isn't as good, I won't resubscribe. If I find myself subscribing more than 5 times a year, then I'd start getting the yearly subscription.

stuna11730d ago

I respect your response, but like I said about my comment more so focused on those who do choose a yearly subscription, there simply is no guarantee that they will get their money worth! Even in the articles floating around right now on these very boads, some are already attesting to the fact that they've already invested in a yearly subscription. But forget about them, look at those who know little to nothing about what the subscription intells, and invest in a yearly subscription.

And my comment is not just exclusive to EA and Microsoft either, Sony is included also. I pay for PS+ because I occasionally like to play online, but PS Now and EA Access are not a necessity! I see them as money grabbing tactics.

slasaru011730d ago

So have you tried it? Is it a streaming service or you can download the full game?

Dewitt1730d ago

Download the full game.

mhunterjr1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

But that could be said for any subscription to any service. There's no guaruntee that Netflix will have movies you want to watch. There's no guaruntee that PSN or xbox live won't go down for a month. You can only go based on what's in front of you... And Ea is offering a monthy option to those who have your concern.

stuna11730d ago

But NetFlix charges monthly, not yearly which is choice! PSN going down a month, God forbid! Would more than likely be handled like before, with some type of reembursement. In my comment I'm speaking of those who choose yearly subscriptions based on what's presented at the moment, with no understanding of what's being offered. A good example is cell phone contracts, cable/satilite contracts. Most go into these agreements without understanding the gravity of the situation and hidden cost associated with breaking said contracts.

Investing in PS Now and EA Access subscribers can incur these hidden cost associated with them for someone who doesn't understand they may be faced with buying into a service for all intent and purpose serves no real purpose after the fact.

Kind of like going to a store to buy a gallon of milk, only to find out after getting home, you brought the wrong percentage! You can take it back to the store to exchange, but these services there is no exchange.

user95589031730d ago

Hey guess what? EA access charges per month as well if you'd like. So there goes that

Bigpappy1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

You forgot 10% off All Digital downloads (New on Xbox store). I am going to add this to every post where I see you guys skipping it. What gives?!

I am a big fan of Bioware and Popcap doing way bact to my PC gaming days. so needless to say: I am interested.

Volkama1729d ago

Digital prices of new games are a bit of a joke, and that 10% still doesn't compensate for losing the ability to sell the game on. I think it is dismissed more so than forgotton because 10% off of "way too expensive" is still "too expensive".

So I would say you are right that the price of EA Access can 'pay for itself' if you happen to buy new EA games off the digital store anyway, but I can appreciate why a lot of people ignore that.

This coming from someone who is entirely 100% digital and probably will never buy a disc again.

Bigpappy1729d ago

@Volkama: There is no way nothing is better than 10%. That 10%b is also on DLC expansions by the way. Nothing to ignore at all. Which is were 20%or higher myself, but I am not going to pass on 10% savings on that principle. Sorry!

Volkama1729d ago

I'm not saying the 10% off is a bad thing. I am just saying that I can appreciate why a lot of people ignore it when discussing the service.

As I said in my comment, I buy absolutely everything digitally. I don't generally go along with the console marketplace prices if I can help it though.

Xb1ps41730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

No one ever said that gaming is cheap, it's very expensive... If 30 bucks for a whole year, 365 days, is a bit steep for you then I think you have some priorities to check. I'm not saying that I will subscribe just yet because I would like all the details first but the price point at least has my interest.

No a active gold account does not have to be maintained, so whats your spin on that?

You "gamers" like to shoot anything new and innovative down so quick with out even giving it a chance, yet be the first to yell " want something new" where's the "innovation".. Very finicky bunch...

@post 2.2.1

My goodness bro! All those theories and what if's... All that time you spent on thinking how the world is out to screw you, you could have mowed like 2 lawns, delivered a couple pizzas, sold some old games etc.. You could have made the money for the service. you come off like they want your social security number and you actual account number! Lol take a deep breath and relax bro! Lmfao

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Bonkerz1730d ago

Xbox One owners lmao, what a dumb question.

psuedo1730d ago

Well if either company didnt benefit from this they wouldnt go this route. Hence dlc, and all that fluffy stuff. Which if they dont benefit fromnit neither company will continue to provide the service. Like all you people say theyre not doing it because they dont want money. Everything EVERYTHING is all about the dollar.

Its simple. Do these services provide benefit to you at the projected price? Do they provide benefit to the company at projected price? OF COURSE THEY DO THEY WOULDNT DO IT OTHERWISE.

I would like to see the statistics of people that buy into this. Income, age range, gaming habits, how long theyve been gaming, what games they buy, and lastly what is their i.q.?

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