P90X Joins Forces With Xbox Fitness On Xbox One

P90X is tough. Lee doesn't know that from personal experience, but from the looks of the bulging pecks and other borderline-erotic man-parts flashed on TV once network programming hits the hay, he assumes it’s like giving birth from your muscles. Thankfully he has Tony Horton's guidance.

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tgunzz1635d ago

Ha! This could be good...

Slick811635d ago

I actually enjoy xbox fitness

Lawboy21635d ago

Same it's really intense

martinezjesus19931635d ago

Its pretry cool, use it whenever i dont go to the gym

memots1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

not knocking it. My wife loved the Ea fitness thing that came out last gen.

I am sure its pretty good. Myself i have a house made for exercising, 29 stairs from bottom to top lol , Whenever i want to get a good workout i crank the tunes out and run up and down until i crawl on all 4 :)

When i get a Xbo i will check this out for sure but my living room space is quite limited and the table in here is difficult to move around.

Sitdown1635d ago

Color me confused.... You have a house made for exercising and with 29 steps, but can't find appropriate room to utilize Xbox fitness which is exercising?

memots1634d ago



Yeah the house is on 3 and a half level with all these stairs i get good exercise, My living room has a heavy center table, a little hard to move around.

ramiuk11635d ago

have they added more interactive stuff,last thing i seen was a couple that followed you then u had to just get the dvds.

if the entire of insanity was fully interactive with tracking it would be great,same with px90

ajax171635d ago

Tony Horton is the best. He is very funny in those videos

FITgamer1635d ago

I guess annoying is funny to some people.

steven83r1635d ago

He used to do stand up. Guess we know why he went to fitness haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.