Madden NFL 15 Ratings: Middle Linebackers

GoodGameBro writes, "EA SPORTS continues their Madden NFL 15 ratings reveal by announcing the Top 5 Middle Linebackers in the game this year. Here are the Top 5 Middle Linebackers in Madden NFL 15 along with a new screenshot, their statistics from last season and analysis from Madden Ratings Czar Donny Moore."

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Chimichanga1961d ago

As a 49er fan I'm not surprised at all to see Bowman and Willis rated as the best. Both those guys are beasts. I hope Bowman comes back strong from his knee injury.

NatureOfLogic_1961d ago

Luke Kuechly should be number one. He his the best mlb in NFL after all.

Chimichanga1961d ago

I'm not really going to argue against that. He may be the best, but Bowman and Willis both side by side make one another a bigger force. Kuechly doesn't really have that luxury and no doubt is among the best already in his young career.

SolidDuck1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Luke is a stud but that 49ers duo is awesome. To bad kiko Alonzo got hurt. He had a beast of a rookie year.