The Hum Dev: ‘Real’ VR isn’t just ‘Add Oculus Support’

VRFocus - Upcoming virtual reality (VR) horror title The Hum is serious about its support for both the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) and Project Morpheus HMD. Developer Thotwise Games confirmed that the title would support the former along with the title’s announcement earlier in the year, and is targeting the latter with a possible PlayStation 4 support. Speaking to VRFocus, the team revealed that The Hum‘s VR support won’t be a simple add on.

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SpiralTear1729d ago

This is the attitude that I want to hear from VR devs. We need VR to be integral to the games and not just some afterthought shoehorned in at the end of development. Hopefully other developers share Thotwise Games' perspective on using VR in games.

hkgamer1729d ago

agreed. but it also needs every dev to shohorn vr support in.

i rather have 10vr games plus 100 other vr support games then just 10vr games.

the actual vr devs need others to push vr sales.

jnemesh1729d ago

I spent some time watching the GDC presentation that Sony gave earlier this year...and it was QUITE enlightening! There are some very unique challenges that VR developers have to wrestle with...things that you wouldn't think were a big deal have huge effects in what happens when you put your arm through a virtual wall...or how certain graphics are perceived. This is a whole new ball game...and I am VERY glad there are those, like Thotwise, who are taking on the challenge properly instead of going for the cheap port.

The quality and attention to detail on the initial games we see for VR will largely determine if it's successful. If we have too many titles that are quick ports and cash grabs, it could spell doom for the fledgeling format! Lets hope that all devs are paying attention and putting in the work to make every VR experience a good one!

hkgamer1729d ago

it needs both. innovative games aswell as other games that i can use my vr headset for.

i personally cannot justify spending that much money on a vr headset if other devs are not going to atleast support it.

jnemesh1729d ago

I don't know what you mean by "other games", but if you mean games that just have a quick port over to the headset with no thought as to how it actually works with VR, I 100% disagree!

We need games (and other VR experiences) that take into account how VR works, and gives you an immersive experience WITHOUT inducing motion sickness, or having other issues that interrupt the sense of presence! More (software) is not necessarily better in this case. Worse, poorly crafted games can actually turn off potential users if they make the user physically ill!

By the much money is "that much"? From all indications, VR is going to be incredibly affordable this time around! The current Oculus dev kit is only $350...and I don't expect "Morpheus" to be any more expensive than the console it is created for (under $399). That is CHUMP CHANGE for this kind of tech! To me, ONE good game is all I need to make it "worthwhile"...and there will definitely be more than one good game available!

hkgamer1728d ago

its probably gonna cost atleast £300 in uk. i should have said im probably not as excited as other people are with this tech. however i will want to try it out.

a driving game can easily tack on vr support. also 1st person or 3rd person games can easily tack on this for camera movement.

i dont care if this is cheap for the tech is inside. i just dont feel like paying that price