Indie Games Must Die

By Cyrus Martin

The time has come to put an end to an abomination in the video game industry.

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SoldierX1961d ago

I don't think the label is bad, to me Indie means the game is back by actual people not by a corporation..but then again a corporation is just a bunch of people.

Darkstares1960d ago

So if Electronics buys an indie developer are they still considered indie? I think the big guys have muddled what indie is supposed to be and are now trying to profit by making indie gaming more mainstream.

To me indie is a small team with no publisher. All one has to do is know about the Humble Bundles which was supposed to be deals on lesser known games that you bid on. It was a way to generate huge profits in some cases by selling these games in large bulk. Now we see Sega Humble Bundles and so on. Again they (big publishers) are trying to capitalize on these things.

It's great to see someone like Sony give center stage to indie developers but you know all of this is going to just confuse the whole idea of what indie games used to represent. Can you honestly tell me No Man's Sky is still considered indie? The bright side to all of this is we no longer have to be a prisoner to the $60 boxed game.

R00bot1961d ago

Really good opinion piece.
Not what the title suggests, though. I recommend everyone read the full piece before commenting.

Inception1961d ago

"Whether a game was created by a multi billion dollar conglomerate or by one person living in a basement, the value of the entire product will be determined the same way. If it is fun, then nothing else matters"

I agreed with the article. It's time to put an end for labelling games as "indies", "AA", or "AAA". We should judge games as you

And the only important thing for us gamers is if the games really fun or not. Just like the old days. We don't care if game A,B,C,etc are by indies or big company. We just play and enjoy them with our friends and families ^^

herobyclicking1961d ago

There is actually a spectrum of in the video game market now. There actually are people who are independent developers and identify as independent. There are indie devs who should probably consider dropping that nomenclature and adopt something else because they are something different (Jonathan Blow, Double Fine, maybe even Housemarque). The market is changing faster than we can describe it, and that's pretty exciting.

ape0071961d ago

Shovel night is amazing

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