NGamer: Sam & Max Wii Preview

If you're a thousand years old, you'll likely remember the original Sam & Max. The PC point 'n' click adventure came out in 1993, and instantly became one of the most loved games of all time.

Created as comic characters by illustrator Steve Purcell, Sam the sarcastic dog and Max the utterly insane rabbit are freelance police, fighting crime with guns, mallets and wise-cracking.

People cried for their return for 14 years, and finally in 2007 they re-emerged in a series of episodic adventures on the PC. Now the vigilante cops are in 3D, looking gorgeous in a cartoony world that matches the style of the comics.

The Wii does seem the natural home of pointing 'n' clicking, what with its having a pointer, with which you can click. But very few games have journeyed down the point 'n' click route on Wii.

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