How has The Division changed since its 2013 reveal?

Are the key features still intact? What functions have been simplified or changed? And what new gameplay has actually been revealed? X-ONE takes a closer look.

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Zenith4k1961d ago

O boy really hyped for this game, delays suck but if they keep enhancing the game I'll be playing it for a while. Yep really enjoying every little clip I see.

CorndogBurglar1961d ago

This is the game I'm looking the most forward to. Everything about it looks so amazing.

They can keep delaying it as long as they need to. It will only make this game as great as it can possibly be.

s45gr321961d ago

As long as it doesn't get as delayed as Duke Nukem Forever or Aliens Colonial Marines. Also please please please for the love of god Ubisoft. don't simplify this game.

s45gr321960d ago

Could someone explain to me why is it an issue to have slow menu systems. The watch animation made the game more realistic