Ashley Johnson Offers Advice to Ellie in The Last of Us Movie

Ashley Johnson, the actress responsible for bringing Ellie to life in The Last of Us, has spoken of her hopes for the upcoming movie.

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ifistbrowni2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

"Selfishly, the only thing i would want is that they love it as much as i do... to at least have played the game to know what it was."

Neil Druckmann and Sam Raimi should make it mandatory to play the game. At least "screen" it for all the actors. Not bits and pieces.. Literally the whole thing. TLOU is a freaking master piece.

Off-Topic- I can't wait for my 360 friends (previous Sony nay-sayers) to try this game for the first time tomorrow. I hope that it is as stunning to them as it was to me the first time I played.

Last year, coming home from TLOU midnight release, installing it on ps3 and playing the prologue... Oh, the experience.

C-H-E-F2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

make the actress play the da** game and study ellie's essence and you should be good to go.

PeaSFor2647d ago

agree, should be mandatory to play the game.

Lwhit62646d ago

Been waiting to play this game since I sold my Xbox. It might as well be Christmas Eve for me.

Thatguy-3102646d ago

If Maisie gets the part Let's hope she nails it. This scene from GoT makes her resemble Ellie in a way.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Commentary by Maisie Wil…:
The chemistry between Ellie and Joel will make or break the movie.

Summons752646d ago

That's very true. Whoever plays Ellie and Joel should hangout for like a month straight before shooting really getting to know each other so they can really have that chemistry.

I don't like the idea of Maisie playing Ellie, if it wasn't for her little brother in GoT she would easily have the most boring scenes in the show.

ape0072646d ago

TLOU movie???, i don't think it'll surpass the game's cut scenes/ storytelling

MegaRay2646d ago

Never ever. not only TLoU but there's no Videogame's movie can surpass the original. Not yet anyway.

prodg522646d ago

If Maisie doesn't get the part I think Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie from the Walking Dead) would be a great Ellie.