Report: Destiny has 32 Story Missions, 5 Explorable Areas, 23 Strike Missions and 2 Raids

According to a post that has appeared on the Destiny subreddit, users have been able to find out what the final game of Destiny will have. According to the information, Destiny, at launch, will have 32 Story missions, 11 Crucible maps, 6 Strikes, 5 Explorable Areas, 23 Strike Missions and 2 Raids

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CongoKyle1967d ago

This game just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Too amped,

XB1_PS41967d ago

Seems smaller and smaller to me.

JustInTlME1967d ago

Was going to say the same thing.

-Foxtrot1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I know right

Maybe at it's core it's actually a decent size but because of the hype and Bungies big talk over the game we've all been made to think that the game would be huge.

As I've said trying to make a huge game which is single player, co-op AND has competitive multiplayer never works. You're spreading your resources too thin, it should of just featured co-op, that's it.

I just don't want them to turn around and say "Oh wait...there's more missions" then at release go "Yeah there's more DLC"

--Onilink--1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Why smaller and smaller?

32 missions at 20min each (without counting possible replays on harder difficulty), thats 10 hours. Definitely more than your average FPS, and asumming later story missions wouldnt take longer, which is almost a given.

23 Strike Missions at 40min each = 15h+ hours (and those are definitely replayable.

2 Raids at lets say judge on Bungie comments, 4h each. Thats 8h... (again, highly replayable for loot)

Add in some 6-7h in Explore for each map.. thats another 24+ hours.

So.. not even counting Crucible (for which I find 11 maps just fine), events, replayable strikes and raids + longer time exploring, , we are talking about 55+ hours

I thinks thats quite enough content. Hopefully judging by the name, the 2 DLC are proper expansions with new areas, strikes and missions. This game is easily about 80+hours for $90 (again without counting coompetitive multiplayer)

Its one thing to dislike the game, thats understandable, not everyone likes the same stuff, but lets not complain about things that do not merit such complains

edit: oh and I forgot multiple characters, thats some extra hours for sure

TheFanboySlayer1966d ago

I'm gonna say 30-40 hours worth of content tops

BattleAxe1966d ago

I can't wait to buy DLC to get the full experience.................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ................... :(

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Chaoticmoon1967d ago

Please take this with a LARGE grain of salt because this is speculation from /r/destinythegame nothing official here. It would be better to believe the earlier leak/speculation is true so that your expectations are at a good level because if you believe this and it is indeed much smaller than you will be disappointed; better to have low expectations than large ones!

Samsara821967d ago

I don't want to talk too fast but it seems a bit short considering we already did 5-6 missions in the beta. Unless the following missions are a lot longer. However, I personally really loved the beta and had a blast going through it with a bunch of friends. I hope they on later mission make your fireteam bigger than 3 players though. It was a little problematic playing with friends if you did not want to do pvp.

JeffGUNZ1967d ago

I got the feeling those missions were easier as they were early story missions. You're trying to find the hyperdrive to travel to further distances. Once that is obtained, I feel like they will be more in depth and longer. Plus, you gotta beat the missions in the area, then re do them in the harder difficulty. More fun, more loot!

TheXgamerLive1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Its becoming less and less the behemoth it once was and now more similar to mass effect/Halo w/a small mmo element. Halo 5 will probably be the game that Destiny hoped to be.
If they added more better public event/s or actually bigger public events then we'd have more reason to hang out n play. For example a search and destroy mission in an unused story mode area. It only makes sence more area of a map will open/unlock with time, expansions they'll probably call them. I just hope their huge and are worth the time and money.
This game needs to be atleast a 100 gig d/l to have the size their boasting.

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DesVader1967d ago

Nice that is more than just a shooter.

hiredhelp1967d ago

2 disagrees on each hmmm something telling me we may have a Upset halo fans..?

pompombrum1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Why would halo fans be upset? I'm a huge halo fan and loved the beta.

Sm00thNinja1965d ago

Maybe your right hiredhelp :/. I've seen shallower things at N4G

Sm00thNinja1967d ago

This comment is so idiotic..... Game is on Xbone why would Halo fans be upset??? I'm getting it on PS4 but Xbone players have the same game. Because its made by Bungie maybe? Halo this is not

hiredhelp1967d ago

You know maybe im wrong just first gut feeling i had.
Look at it like this bungie CREATED Halo fact. they close with MS now there gone multiplatform wich does bennifit both platforms I agree..
But maybe some upset that bungie made this move idk just saying man.
my bad

creatchee1967d ago


You're looking for something that isn't there, and stirring a pot that doesn't need you to stir it.

hiredhelp1967d ago

Like i said that my thoughts on it my bad as i said. at least im saying sorry more than some.
stiring the pot not really I speak my mind people dont like it fair play.

TM3331967d ago

You and I both know you're not far off on that. I'll get a bunch of disagrees from that same bunch, but I don't care. Hardcore Halo fans feel betrayed that Bungie isn't exclusive to Xbox anymore, and that Playstation got early rights to Destiny with the Alpha and Beta. Personally, I LOVE it. All that fanaticism makes me want to misbehave badly, and that's not healthy.

Lawboy21967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

To be quite honest....the reason I love destiny is because I love halo so much....and it's funny to me anyone who says they don't like halo but love destiny because even though the games are very different they have a lot of similarities and when I say similarities it's almost copy and paste....take the sniper for instance it's the same sniper from halo....take the little circle and put it on the enemies head and pull the trigger headshot everytime...

@ tm333

I'm a hardcore halo me I love the destiny beta

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Wizziokid1967d ago

can't wait for the raids!

joab7771967d ago

Thats is pretty damn good for the this game will grow and grow.

CongoKyle1967d ago

Yeah there's so much they can do from here on out! Radis are gonna be amazing.