5 Ways the Xbox One has failed so far

An article written by an Xbox One owner who dissects the reasons why the Xbox One fails to impress both as a stand alone system and when compared to the Playstation 4

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ritsuka6661729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

There is no way in hell that Microsoft will be able to recover from their mistakes Xbone. It's over people...

[email protected] reports... why people are upset? the article is real truth.

reaperofsouls1728d ago

it's just denial about the cold hard fact that the xbone is the worst console since the Atari Jaguar

Dudebro901728d ago

The fact you try to compare the Xbox one to jaguar shows you know absolutely nothing about the gaming industry.

BitbyDeath1728d ago

I agree with dudebro, Atari jaguar was awesome. Don't knock it.

coffinxnails1728d ago

That comment was just terrible.

your cold hard fact is more of a terrible troll attempt.

While plenty of people enjoy their xbox one (myself included) NOBODY was happy when they bought their jaguar. Its game library was horrible. the controller was overcomplicated and its lifespan was all of a few years.

n4rc1728d ago

"Mostly cheap game ‘journalism’ (if you can even call it that). Sony on the other hand hold the high ground, due largely to wildly uncontrollable gaming media which repeatedly makes mountains out of mole hills to quench the thirst of fanboys worldwide. Articles about graphics and resolution take the top story every time in the simple attempt to get website hits, regardless of the fact that it a cheap ‘hit and run’ tactic often written by under qualified ‘home blog’ journalists. Sadly, this has created the deep rooted perception that the Xbox One is the inferior system. Sony have the high ground simply because their console which is physically marginally better appears astronomically so; and the industry is worse of for it."

Godmars2901728d ago

What are *you* even trying to say? Do you support the quote? Condemn it? What?

There have been tons of articles praising boosts the XB1 is getting by freeing up memory from Kinect and general improvements, but then they fail by ignoring and/or dismissing that the PS4 started out the better performer and is looking at the same general improvements.

Never mind that Sony indeed has the high-ground because their in-house assets are more experienced.

Hell, one of the XB1's most anticipated titles is Sunset Overdrive, which was made by a former 2nd party dev.

Yet, again, someone talks as if Sony and MS are on equal footing.

Darkstares1728d ago

"There have been tons of articles praising boosts the XB1 is getting by freeing up memory from Kinect and general improvements, but then they fail by ignoring and/or dismissing that the PS4 started out the better performer and is looking at the same general improvements."

Of course each will get better the more they understand the hardware but the PS4 was not handicapped in the beginning because of Kinect. That freed up resources on the XB1 that the PS4 didn't have to worry about. The PS4 will always be more powerful but by not having Kinect be required it gets the system closer to parity.

Godmars2901728d ago

I am wholly mystified why n4rc is apparently getting credit for a directly copied quote.

And still, given that the PS4 had the technical lead in hardware, its difficult to believe that they wont maintain such a lead. More so given that they have more of a history regarding push their hardware. Not waiting on 3rd parties to do it for them.

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TheRealHeisenberg1728d ago

Lol, now you can sleep better right? This article is just as much of a joke as you and the rest of the circle jerking Sony fanboys.

lfc_4eva1728d ago

Fail article and fail 1st post.

Afterlife1728d ago

It's not looking good for Microsoft. Microsofts next big exclusive Sunset Overdrive is going to bomba because their PR department is terrible. For a game coming out on October 28, a quick youtube search will show low views and no hype.

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tgunzz1728d ago

I will say N4G is always on point. As soon as they post something positive about xb1, they follow just minutes after with something negeative (interesting)... At least try to be a little different some times, post the negative first, then following it with the positive...

SideNote1728d ago

I can name 99 reasons why this article fails.

Boody-Bandit1728d ago

I'm calling you out on this. Let's see your list. Are you ready? Go.

mrpsychoticstalker1728d ago

Only in n4g. The Xbox has been a success. At $500 13 territories more than 5M.

That's impressive.

The Xbox brand is here to stay providing fans with amazing games and the best features ever.


gamerhecz1728d ago

You're not psychotic at all.

Afterlife1728d ago

Not according to Microsofts backpedaling on Kinect, they wouldn't if it was a success. Outside of those 13 territories, not many people care about the Xbox brand. So when it's released, no one will notice.

mikeg5201728d ago

What a total load of crud. Xbox one is doing great now. Over the next 8 years both systems will sell millions more. Who wins ?

Both win . the millions of Xbox ones is to large for developer to skip.

Godmars2901728d ago

Considering the contradiction of more powerful and complex hardware but shorter, quicker, production cycles, neither win.

And its going to continue until the stupid hype surrounding AAA either stops, or becomes something of actual substance. there are other standards to measure it by.

ritsuka6661728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Xbox one is doing great now. ''

Nope ... it's not great.

Xbone ship only 1 Million( combined with 360 console) console in 3 months lol ,this is not great.

mikeg5201728d ago

You have no idea who this works do you ? 1.1 million in USA only . you do understand basic statistics dont you.

Please save it for another site.

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