Cool Bits - Super Mario Bros. 3 World Map Secrets & Hidden Japan

GameXplain: "Did you know Nintendo's Japanese Headquarters is hidden in Super Mario Bros. 3? We uncover this and more as we explore the secrets of Super Mario Bros. 3's World Map in our latest episode of Cool Bits."

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Rainbowcookie2139d ago

Best memories of this game :)

REDBEARD2139d ago

Love this game. One of the best, if not the best, 2D Mario game of all time. For me personally, it is hard for me to choose which one is better, SMW or SMB3.

RosweeSon2139d ago

Yeah exactly the same here id say super mario world is the better of the two purely because it looks crisper is more polished and is just the next step from super mario bros 3 but super mario world wouldn't have been half the game had they not started with mario bros 3, the overworld map and loads of stuff were all started in 3 to then be done amazingly in mario world, not to say mario 3 isn't unbelievably good but it is hard to choose between the two when they are essentially evolutions/sequels to each other both 11/10 ;) mario bros 3 certainly did a great job considering it was in the twilight years of the NES tho. Great years of gaming ;)

InTheZoneAC2139d ago

I'd say SMB3 to me had more variations of Mario, better level design, just a broader atmosphere.

SMW obviously looks better, but I like SMB3's art style more. SMW was a lot easier.

Still my 2 favorite Mario games, I wish the new mario games were as precise as those...

deafdani2139d ago

Well, for me, NSMB U is in the same level as Mario 3 and Mario World, in terms of level design, controls, content and difficulty, if not better.


RosweeSon2138d ago

Tell that to tubular ;)