Metal Gear Solid to be released on PSN

Konami look set to announce that the ultimate Metal Gear Solid experience, MGS for the PSOne, will be making its way to Sony's Playstation Network sometime in the next month, after the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots. Along with further rumours that they are also planning to launch a software update with MGS4 to include cross media bar integration and those infamous trophies, it seems this is another rumoured aspect of the MGS saga.

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Euphrate3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

It would excellent sense, if they uploaded the MGS1 remake ( with MGS4 graphics) on PSN.

Launch day surprise is either that, or the trophies and XMB.

mistertwoturbo3807d ago

Highly doubt it's going to be re-made with MGS4 graphics. I'm pretty sure they devoted they're time into making MGS4. And even being re-made with MGS4 graphics, it would have to be on a blu-ray disc.

sonarus3807d ago

MGS1 remake withh MGS4 graphics deserves a lot more than psn. I say keep it original and polish the graphics up and its a win

Andronix3807d ago

The original is a classic.
I was actually hoping Sony would get around to releasing it on the PSN before the release of the new game. That way it would have been great advertising for newcomers to Metal Gear, and it could remind old timers of the plot. As it is, (i dont have the original on cd) im having to watch MGS1 on YouTube!

Anyway. it would be great news if true.

Lifendz3807d ago

epic PS1 games I'd like to see on PSN. Good stuff.

mistertwoturbo3807d ago

They really need to just bring FF7 on the PSN already. I am not buying that game for $75 on amazon lol

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Maverick_3807d ago

Freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

crimsonfox3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )


EDIT:whoever is on a dissing fox spree is getting on my nerves-_-


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

It's probably a crybaby xBot Lemming!!!;-D
There Not getting MGS4(for sure)+MGS1(maybe) AWW!!!;-D Never mind!!!

Veryangryxbot3807d ago

Didnt they say MGS, a game with totally no connection to the crapbox whatsoever, would somehow make its way to LIVE?

WOW talk about total nonsense and ownage.

Bots like to do the fanboy dance prematurely but looks like they got it wrong again.

Prematurely and bots are synonyms of eachother.

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Roth3807d ago

Finally a PS1 game that I actually want to play....

riksweeney3807d ago

Apart from Final Fantasy VII you mean?


Roth3807d ago

Well of course heh. Maybe right after Final Fantasy XIII comes out in 2067, they'll put Final Fantasy VII on there for us :)

gerol3807d ago

haha 2067!

i cant wait for ff13

mistertwoturbo3807d ago

Bad news guys. FFXIII has been delayed to Q4 of Fiscal 2068. So no 2067 release.

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cp683807d ago

Not bad, although i hoped for a remake using the MGS4 engine..i mean they have it running, it shouldn;t take that much time doing remakes of MG/MGS series.

Euphrate3807d ago

They never said whether it was a remake or the game itself. It would excelent sense, if they uploaded the MGS1 remake ( with MGS4 graphics) on PSN.

Launch day surprise is either that, or the trophies and XMB.