Eurogamer: Actionloop Twist Review

Eurogamer writes: "Falling block and tile and logic puzzle games have enjoyed a renaissance on Nintendo DS, whether it's stylus-driven efforts like Meteos and Zoo Keeper or more traditional affairs like Tetris and Slitherlink. With the launch of WiiWare, Nintendo must be hoping to repeat the trick - and it's already had a go with an agreeable if steeply-priced Dr. Mario retread. Actionloop Twist arrives at the same price - 1000 Wii Points, or approximately GBP 7 / EUR 10 in old money - and makes an even better account of itself.

Instantly recognisable to anyone who tried it on the DS under Actionloop and Magnetica banners, or on Xbox Live Arcade as Zuma Deluxe, the gameplay is simple: coloured marbles snake around the screen on a preset path towards an exit hole, and you have to stop them getting there by firing marbles from the centre of the screen into their midst. Any marble groups of three or more of the same colour are deleted when you contribute to them. When the marbles surrounding a disappearing group can crash together to form another coloured group, they do, and disappear themselves. With careful manipulation of the snaking marble line, you can initiate chain reactions to collect more points or fulfil objectives."

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