Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon (Review from IM PLAYIN)

Review from IM PLAYIN:

"The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, don’t worry – Games developers haven’t tried to force a game out of this series for consoles…however, there is a very intriguing iOS and Android game. For £2.99, The Guardians of the Galaxy game, subtitled The Universal Weapon, Marvel have licensed a worthy game for mobile and tablet users. GotG:TUW allows each player to customise his team to include any four members he or she desires (although, I’d strongly suggest using a healer to get a true understanding of this game for the last few levels!). Thankfully, we’re not limited to just the few wonderful, crazy characters that are in the film, as we can also play as Mantis, Beta Ray Bill, Vance Astro, Quasar and many many more."

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