Why Won’t Activision Give Naughty Dog The Rights To Make Another Crash Bandicoot Game

After reading up on how Naughty Dog wants to do another Crash Bandicoot game and even letting Activision in on the project, here is some of playtationgang reasons why Activision declined ND to the rights.

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XiSasukeUchiha3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Activision please give Sony/ND their creation back you heartless monster!

Abash3594d ago

They don't even have to give Crash back, just form a partnership with Sony for the Crash Bandicoot reboot.

nirwanda3593d ago

I bet it would be cheaper to licence taz mania from warner bros let's be honest he's just as recognisable as crash and crash was just a copy of him in the first place.

SonyPS43593d ago

Activision would rather make their own Crash games, adding regenerative health and checkpoints, and hope it would succeed only for them to find out that kind of game wasn't what Crash fans wanted.

UltraNova3592d ago

@Sony ps4

Actually, Activision would rather release Crash on anything and everything with a controller...no deal from just Sony would ever be enough for them...they're in the milking business for a reason.

nirwanda3592d ago

Just to show everyone what I ment with the tax reference here is tax mania on the snez from 1993 3 years before crash limited with the tech of the day and mode 7 graphics.
You can still see where naughty dog got the idea adding much more platforming to it.

souga_houjou_jin3592d ago

that would mean exclusive to sony
do u really excpect noobs like activi$sion to allow that ?

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XiNarutoUzumaki3594d ago

They should give Crash back. He deserves better. I want Crash to go back to his roots.

Off topic: or, we can just burn their HQ with your Amateratsu

bmf73643593d ago

Activision is a joint-company with Blizzard. We will have to selectively demolish the half that has to do with keeping Crash from the world and that approves of the retexture and rehashing of Call of Duty and Skylanders.

Deadpoolio3593d ago

Naughty Dog NEVER owned Crash Bandicoot to begin with, Sony didn't ever own it either...It was property and owned solely by Universal Interactive along with Spyro, until it was sold to Activision....You can't "give back" something someone NEVER owned

LightDiego3593d ago

True Sasuke.
Just sell it Activision, you are not capable to make a true Crash game.

lelo3593d ago

Activision would probably let Naughty Dog make a new Crash Bandicoot Game if it was multiplatform. It would make no sense to Activision if it was a Sony exclusive.

ifistbrowni3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"it would make no sense"

How about money? Wouldn't it make them money?

What makes no sense is: having a franchise like Crash and doing nothing with it. I know if I wasn't using something, and someone said, "hey, i'll make that thing worth a lot of money if you partner with me," I would jump on the offer in seconds. After all, I was doing NOTHING with it.

Darkstares3593d ago

Lots of ip's sit idle. Sony owns Heavenly Sword, why don't they give it back to Ninja Theory? Naughty Dog works for Sony, Activision is a third party publisher. Maybe in the future they can work together but it would be only on Sony devices because Sony would not allow Naughty Dog to make games on anything else.

Who knows, with the PS4 doing so well it might make sense to do it but i'd rather Naughty Dog focus on other games.

lelo3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Some people have no business sense. Tell me something. Who do you think should finance this supposed Sony exclusive or do you expect Naughty Dog to work for free?

Let's take a look at some scenarios:

- Activision pays 100% development costs and Naughty Dog makes the game exclusive to PS4. Very very very unlikely.

- Activision and Sony divide the costs and Naughty Dog makes the game exclusive to PS4?. Unlikely. Activision is not going to pay half the costs simply to keep the game exclusive to the PS4. They would loose a crap load of money in lost sales from the WiiU, X1 and PC. Activision have money to spare to pay for 100% development and keep 100% of profits.

- Sony pays 100% development, but have to divide the profits with Activision because they own the IP. Unlikely. Sony own a crap load of IP's, why would they invest 100% in developing a IP that's not theirs and take a cut in the profits?

- Sony buys the IP from Activision and Naughty Dog makes the game. Possible but does Sony have money to spare ?

- Activision pays for 100% development, a internal (or external) studio makes the game, and they receive 100% profits from sales on PS4, WiiU, X1 and PC.

- Activision realises the IP is not worth developing at this moment and let's it rest for a few more years.

Witch of these scenarios is more likely to happen ?

Chrischi19883593d ago

Exactly. As ifistbrowni said, it is about the money, but not the way he said it. Making a game exclusive is not the best thing to do for a third party dev. Crash could sell on any plattform, even Wii U, for the kind of game it is. It would mean losing money. Or they let them make a game and it is only half hearted...

Sony would need to step in and pay almost full for it, just like Nintendo did with Bayonetta or their Sega exclusive deal.

Then there is also the question, how did Crash end up in Activisions hands in the first place?

ShAkKa3593d ago

Would make more sense than letting the IP rot like it is now.

ShinMaster3593d ago

It would make even less sense for ND to make a multiplatform game.
Sony/Activision deal could work. This wouldn't be the first third-party exclusive deal.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3593d ago

I would love another crash game but I never heard that Naughty Dog wants to make it, it will probably be someone else.

OrangePowerz3593d ago

All I'm seeing in the article is a lot of Activision sucks without even having researched really. Activision only made one Crash game and that was for mobile.

wheresmymonkey3593d ago

Crash was never sony's nieher was Spyro. Thy were both poperty of universal and then Sierra and then activision.

Godmars2903593d ago

Activision would likely either want it multi, take a larger than fair royalty cut, or ask too much to sell off the IP outright.

Visiblemarc3593d ago

They are just holding out till Sony's offer is big enough (read: till they overpay.)

Is why I think they've been denying one-off rights too (Like for Allstars). Afraid it will devalue the brand by proving that demand is more cult than anything.

Don't get me wrong, I hope Sony gets it back, but paying through the nose is excessive.

ITPython3593d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if MS was behind this one, last thing they need is for Sony to have yet another extremely well known blockbuster game series under their belt for this generation.

Ihatetrolls763592d ago

Why doesn't sony give insomniac there games back?

souga_houjou_jin3592d ago

no just no
so the ycna bring them to the xbox ?
hell no

beside insomniac games belongs to sony

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dpatrick3594d ago

Apparently, Naughty Dog held a contest where fans could draw their favorite characters from past Naughty Dog games. Naughty Dog asked Activision if they could use Crash just for the contest but they wouldn't give them the rights to use Crash Bandicoot for their contest.