Payday 2 CrimeFest Announced

What has come to light though is Payday‘s third anniversary of the franchise titled CrimeFest! Now you may be wondering what is CrimeFest and what juicy happenings will we get to see? Well, you’ll have to reign yourself in, because unfortunately CrimeFest will be in full swing on October 18th.

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xNomaD2254d ago

Just another reason for me to keep playing Payday 2, nearly 1 year after its launch. I really want that Judge, too.

WillGJ2254d ago

Yea, I'm sad to see not as many guns and masks as I'd hoped but they do have some pretty awesome rewards as is.

Taking into account how awesome they've been to the game and the players (sorry console owners for the DLC delay) I'm stoked for whatever it is they've got in store.

xNomaD2254d ago

No doubt we'll see another Gage Weapon Pack before the year is out. Hopefully they do a pistol one, I love using the sidearms, we just need more of them.