Game Focus Reviews Qore

Brian Edey writes: "This last week, Sony launched its new online service named Qore, a monthly online magazine with access to demos, themes, and special content, content that should not be available to other PSN users at the same time because Qore is a premium pay to use service. The big question is, what really does it offer and is it worth it?"

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Surfman5851d ago

i live in montreal, so American Store, in french, and i can't download this Qore. Anybody in Canada or Quebec can here?


Qore in April: Sorcery, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Prototype 2

With this April episode, Qore concludes its run on the PlayStation Network.

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Abash4450d ago

When it lost Veronica Belmont as the host, it lost my interest

t0mmyb0y4450d ago

The Qore Arqade games kinda suck >.>


Sony Cancels PSN's Qore

Today on the PlayStation Blog , it was revealed that April 2012's edition of Qore would be the last issue released.

Amazingmrbrock4450d ago

Good that whole thing was a waste in a poorly put together package.

They should just focus on putting out smaller individual videos rather than a big downloadable thing thats irritating to use. Making ofs, dev diaries, they could even look to some of the good gaming related series on the net for inspiration.

They could put out little featurettes, lets plays, maybe some reviews. As long as they let them go at it unbiased it would be pretty good. If there could be a show of the caliber of all your history or jon tron's shows.

It would be a relatively cheap way to get people looking at their games and content as easy passive and consumer friendly advertising. Though it would rely on quality content.

Xof4450d ago

It probably would have been more effective if they'd streamed it. A poorly-put together show is nothing. Look at the crap clogging the gaming media today. It's just that no one wants to wait an hour to DOWNLOAD a poor put-together gaming show.

Rupee4449d ago

Yep that's honestly why I never watched those. Never wanted to take the time to download.

LightofDarkness4450d ago

No way, the money should be spent on developing a sit-com. It stars a Sony Executive and a Microsoft Executive, who have to share an apartment in downtown New York for utterly arbitrary reasons. They are frequently visited by Fanboy, a fickle videogame fan who frequently switches sides completely from one exec to the other, depending on whatever wacky scenario is in play for that episode. Antics ensue.

Clearly, this is a gold-mine. Can I have my million dollars NOW, Sony?

come_at_me_bro4450d ago

Please tell me you have a future in television.

DragonKnight4450d ago

That idea is literally the best thing that could happen to tv today. I'm completely serious. Tv is crap these days and I feel like an old man when I saw I miss the 90's and "when I was younger we had better tv shows." It's just the truth though.

DrPepper4450d ago

ehhh never really cared for qore, i only watched like 13 mins of a episode. honestly i have n4g to get all my gaming news, trailers, etc from.