Polyphony Digital releases surprise update patch for Gran Turismo 5

VVV: "Polyphony Digital has released a new update patch for Gran Turismo 5, nearly two months after the title's prior "final update" was made available."

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alextdarling1645d ago

Focus on making a Solid Gran Turismo, like number 3... (personal preference)

Dwalls11711645d ago

Off topic but still really confused about GT6 . . . just never understood why they released the game, it just seemed like they rushed for no reason . I mean the game was good but imagine if they had just waited and polished the game for PS4 .

Imagine if this Holiday we were getting LIttle Big Planet 3 and a Brand New GT game for PS4

ZodTheRipper1645d ago

I guess they weren't satisfied with how GT5 turned out and they wanted to give the PS3 a worthy Gran Turismo. It's certainly a good game but it would've had much more impact on PS4. I'm almost sure they'll announce GT7 at Tokyo Games Show.

C-H-E-F1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

GT is always released twice per generation. Once in the opening 2 years and then the last year (the year of the new gen). What effed up the process was that GT5 got delayed countless times making GT6 appear to come out "before it's time" when in fact GT6 was released on time (looking at GT release history). Plus if Sony released GT and Driveclub at the same time they'd be fighting themselves it's smart to let a new studio get in and make some rounds GT will always have their fanbase. I also think DC will give PD a reason to be innovative. I thought Forza would push them to allowing more in depth vehicle customization (engine swaps, drivetrain etc.) but it didn't. So hopefully DC can push them to do more.

Edit: And The Crew

SoapShoes1645d ago

3 was the only GT I've been disappointed in. It was great eye candy at the time and looked amazing but lacked compared to GT2. Had only a fraction of the content.

1644d ago
kayoss1645d ago

I feel like this game should have been called "Gran Turismo 5: Complete Edition". I've played GT6 for almost 2 months now and honestly, this game is not a big jump from GT5. In my opinion, its a little a disappointing

Spotie1645d ago

What? Why? How does that even...?

Nevermind. Forgot who I was talking to for a second.

cell9891645d ago

Pretty cool that they still support the game plus 1 polyphony digital

Knushwood Butt1645d ago

Good to see them still fixing things.

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