Global Hardware and Software weekly ending July 12th

3ds tops hardware charts ,while Yokai Watch 2 Honke (3DS) tops the software charts .

3DS 154,526
PS4 113,972
WiiU 66,531
XOne 61,388
PSV 55,837
PS3 47,098
X360 32,734
Wii 7,638
PSP 6,790

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JBSleek3653d ago

Great job 3DS. Well deserved. Great handheld.

Cindy-rella3653d ago

the ps4 is doing quite well and I'm surprised that its still selling at such a high rate. sony made a lot of great moves where ps4 is concerned so thats why its doing so well. i can't wait for my ps4 and the last of us game.

SmielmaN3653d ago

You won't be disappointed by TLOU, it's like walking dead/resident evil/uncharted mixed together. Story is very entertaining. I'll be double dipping on this PS4 edition one.

sinjonezp3653d ago

I changed my ps4 thumb sticks to xb1 sticks....lot better, cuz there is no pealing like the ps4 sticks. On topic, amazing how 3ds still selling well. Ps4 again dominates the other home consoles. Sony can do no wrong..right?

Gamer19823652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

PS4 is going to dominate come September too with Destiny.. With most people thinking PS4 is the lead platform and the fact its got the exclusive content its gonna sell a lot of consoles especially those white ones.. Hell I'm thinking of buying a white ps4 myself and already own a black one..

Chrischi19883652d ago


Yes Sony can, look at their Laptop business, look at their Smartphone business, look at the Vita...

Actually they did almost everything wrong, except the PS4. I am not trying to hate here, but I also dont like when people, because of one device, act like a whole company does no wrong.

Jaelin3652d ago

@Sinjonezp I changed my analog sticks to xbox one sticks too. Way better grip than the ps4 analog sticks :D

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GribbleGrunger3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

As a member of the VGC forums ... Yep, just wait for NPD (again). They've had to adjust every week last month (again).

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showtimefolks3653d ago

PS:vita doing great along with ps4/ps3. sony on a roll

3ds is just a different beats lol, it keeps selling

overall every console did good, xbox one at 61.000 not bad

Realplaya3653d ago

Damn you hate the Wii U that much yo can't give them love lol.

showtimefolks3653d ago


lol i am sorry i overlooked it, right after ps4 and above xbox one, Nintendo has been doing great lately. If nintendo could deliver more games on time, i believe wiiu would be even more successful

Realplaya3652d ago

I Totally agree I think this second or latter end of the year will show if it indeed is the timing of releases. They have some big hits coming soon with barely a month in between.

Spotie3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Dunno why Nuka got marked off topic. You'd have said the same thing for Xbox you did for the 3DS, even if the latter was still on top overall. And you've never made such a comment before when the 3DS was on top. It's fairly easy to assume you're only praising the Nintendo handheld because you can't praise the Microsoft console.

It's weird. It's like you simply CAN'T come to grips with the PS4 outselling the XB1. So instead of acknowledging its success, you jump to the handheld here; in other articles, you're suddenly part of the PC master race. And whenever you DO talk up the Xbox, you sound like a page straight out of Microsoft's Public Relations Handbook.

The whole thing is disturbing.

Edit: Oh, yeah. VGChartz and all that. Before some doofus comes in accusing me of thinking these numbers are anything but speculation.

reaperofsouls3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

@ spotie u see right through him

AWBrawler3652d ago

oh wow! who disagreed with you. is there really so much nintendo hate on this site that people get disagrees for simply congratulating the 3DS? sad.

jcnba283652d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? 3DS is clearly No. 1, this site is full of jealousy and hate.

Congrats Nintendo.

Loadedklip3652d ago

cuz fanboys have rendered the agree/disagree count useless.

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stuna13653d ago

Almost double! The momentum lasted a shorter period than even I thought it would! Microsoft's shareholder I can say without a shadow of a doubt are not happy. Microsoft really has to do some serious planning and interventions to figure out how to make the Xbox1 more appealing to the general public or, at some point the higher-ups will start considering drastic measures.

JBSleek3653d ago

MS shareholders are extremely happy with MS. Go look at their financials. Xbox is a toy to MS really when it comes to what it means business wise for them.

stuna13653d ago

You really can't believe that can you!? For starters it's a toy that they've sunk Billions of dollars into to ensure that they have a surefire way of recouping that money that they've invested into it. Not only that, the Xbox1 is incurring cost that I'm sure the majority of shareholders never expected simply because the entire image of the Xbox1 has had to be remade since before launch.

They've been fighting a uphill battle since launch with software performance, hardware specs, but worst of all greed. These are issues that have left a lasting impression on the general public and out of the 3 issues I just named only 1 can be correct now.

johndoe112113653d ago

Every time I see comments like this I laugh to myself. You guys who make these statements really have no clue how businesses work do you?

As a share holder you do not want to see ANY part of your business loose money. Regardless if it's a small part or not. Shareholders do not buy shares in businesses to loose money.

The bigger problem with this situation is that you guys refuse to accept that xbox looses microsoft millions. Not hundreds or thousands, MILLIONS. It is a problem they have had with xbox and bing from day one. Those departments have never been profitable.

The only reason I can see why microsoft has held on to those departments for so long is for tax purposes because other than that it doesn'yt make any sense.

You guys think that these investors and shareholders are just sitting around and saying "Ah well, we lost another couple millions this month, that's all right, drop in the bucket". Are you serious????

This delusion that you all have that microsoft can afford to loose tons of money on the xbox brand, or any company for that matter will want to run a business at a loss, is utterly ridiculous. You guys seriously need to get a clue.

That is one of the most irrational ways of thinking I have ever seen. to say that xbox is a toy and to even hint that they are not bothered by the loss is ignorance to a degree.

GribbleGrunger3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Well, enjoy your Indie and AAA financials. I much prefer games but if that's what you love about the console you bought then all power to you.

CaptainObvious8783653d ago

Don't forget this is vgcharts so more than likely the gap between the PS4 and xbone is bigger than the numbers state.

I seriously have to wonder if the pressure coming from unhappy shareholders will result in the xbone being the last ms console.

stuna13653d ago

Sure Microsoft says the Xbox1 is selling faster than the Xbo 360, and I'm sure they're happy with that fact, but this is a totally different generation now and a lot of things have changed!

Many look at handicaps in sports for example as in a way of the competition not being on level or equal ground/footing! In actuality that is what happened all last generation in Microsofts favor! They had time, support, and gamers ready to transition over to what the next gen had to offer! All this with no competitor in sight, to put it delicately all their ducks lined up in a row.

This gen was a totally different set of rules, and competitors are basically evenly matched as far as rules and circumstances are concerned! So there are no handicaps and they are governed by the same rules.

The fact that the PS4 has shot out of the starting block at a blazing fast pace has shook the very core of confidence that Microsoft stood on last generation, whether it's apparent or not to outsiders, but deep in those board rooms serious discussions are going on! And the Xbox1 is a focal point of said discussions

torchic3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

to be fair Microsoft shareholders don't give two craps about what happens to Xbox... it doesn't make money, it has never performed admirably, it's never had a clear vision in years... it's just there.

just to show you how much they don't care MSFT share price is at its highest in 12 years while Xbox One (and to some degree 360) has been failing. their shareholders if anything would probably like to see Xbox sold so Microsoft can focus resources on more important matters.