Why Gearbox Is Making Battleborn And Not Borderlands 3

GameInformer- "We unveiled Gearbox's next game Battleborn for our August cover story earlier this month. Even though Gearbox is assisting in the development of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a lot of fans are curious why the studio isn't focusing its effort on a new-gen Borderlands 3. While visiting the studio, we spoke with lead developers at Gearbox about why the studio is putting a heavy emphasis on new IP to coincide with the introduction of the new generation of consoles. Why not brand Battleborn as a Borderlands off-shoot? Why do they consider Battleborn the biggest game they've ever made? What else is Gearbox working on and what's the status of Furious 4?"

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XiNarutoUzumaki1644d ago

because Battleborn is Borderlands 3 re-skinned. Seriously, the description of this game sound pretty similar to Borderlands.

lashes2ashes1644d ago

How so? From what I have read about it the only thing in commen looks to be the art style and some charicters have guns.

Heisenburger1643d ago

Well to be fair they described it as loot-based with comic book graphics.

3-4-51643d ago

Battleborn looks awesome.

I can't wait to play this game, and it's pretty much nothing like Borderlands really.

It has an even more unique Art Style, and the game type and style is completely different than what Borderlands is.

I can't wait to play this game. Those characters look awesome so far.

joab7771643d ago

More b/c the pre sequel will be remastered and they will have both.

Vantage1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Either way, it will probably be annoying and unplayable, just like Borderlands 2.

Gearbox lost their minds when they developed Borderlands 2. "Bonerfarts"? "Butt stallion"? I refuse.

Chespin1643d ago

The jokes sucked balls on Borderlands 2. It tried to be funny and while some jokes were ok, most came across as lame.

crusf1643d ago

"Either way, it will probably be annoying and unplayable, just like Borderlands 2. '
Annoys the hell out of me when users here assume.

MysticStrummer1642d ago

"it will probably be annoying and unplayable, just like Borderlands 2."

I wasn't aware people had problems playing Borderlands 2. I thought it was great fun. No problems with it at all for me.

Vantage1642d ago

"I wasn't aware people had problems playing Borderlands 2."

What a cheap and pathetic appeal to authority.

MysticStrummer1642d ago

What a poor attempt at button pushing.

Peace and good gaming to you.

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Master-H1643d ago

Maybe they're tryna get familiar with the next gen systems and or get some money ready for Borderlands 3 development, also giving that new Borderlands room to sell, Randy Pitchford is a shady dude so i don't know.

ThanatosDMC1643d ago

Randy Pitchford = FU! Liar!

Hanso1643d ago

Borderlands 3 will have so much dlc ...lmao i would be insane to buy it day 1. Will wait for GotY Version.
Battleborn is an online only game? meh

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