The Golf Club Allows Cross-Platform Course Sharing

XXLGaming writes, "The news is finally in and the legal teams have worked out all the specifics. Regardless of which platform you create a course in The Golf Club you'll be able to play it on any of the 3 platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4). This is great news for the game."

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X-231602d ago

More companies need to invest in this practice, no more excuses.

urwifeminder1602d ago

I don't know anyone who plays on other platforms maybe just pc xb1 , not really interested in playing with any sony gamers.

iceman061602d ago

Now that all of THAT is settled, can we get a console release date and price point? I'm interested but there are also so many things on the gaming horizon. I gotta plan accordingly.

Rob Hornecker1602d ago

Console release date.....YES PLEASE!