First Teaser Trailer of Media Molecule's PS4 Game, Shows "Trippy Sequence of Colourful Nonsense"

Its a well know secret that Media Molecule is working on a brand new title for Playstation 4 and today, the studio has shared the first teaser trailer of the project. About the footage, Media Molecule says: A rendering error on our new PS4 project caused this trippy sequence of colourful nonsense that begged to be shared. Consider it an exclusive peek at our new game if you like, it's not particularly revealing, but it is fun, that much we guarantee... mostly.

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Abash1735d ago

Definitely, we will at least get an announcement there. Media Molecule have been working on their PS4 game for a while now

Prime1571735d ago

Maybe they spent all that time working on that teaser trailer...

That will make me a sad Panda.

forcefullpower1735d ago

Hope someone slows the vid down see if there are any hidden images or maybe combine the images. Wanna see what MM have waiting for us. After tear away which was awesome.

ZodTheRipper1735d ago

Judging by the video description it's just a bunch of visual glitches. I don't think there's anything to be found there but Gamescom is just around the corner ;)

DoomeDx1735d ago

Snoop Dogg simulator is incoming!

ZodTheRipper1735d ago

Eh that's not how weed... or Hip Hop works.

MrSec841735d ago

Seems like they're setting the stage for some kind of reveal.
Gamescom being the next big actual Video Games Software Show & Sony has an actual conference, so it's safe to assume Media Molecule could actually reveal their game.

They may even reveal it before the conference, so they can spend more time giving details about the game during the conference.

Hopefully we get similar teasers from Guerrilla Games & Quantic Dream in the run up to the event, as they're both also prolific European developers, that have been developing a new IP each for PS4 for over 2 years.

Sony has so many talented 1st party & second party developers that have been quiet for a while, they probably have loads more games to announce.

The PS4 reveal teaser that Media Molecule showed made it look like this new IP they're working on is the next step on from the creative style of game they're famous for.
I'm really intrigued to see what they're going to do with this style of game & the kind of universe they can create on a platform like PS4.

It's a really exciting time for gamers IMO!! :D

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1735d ago

They already confirmed they will have something for Gamescom a while ago.

OT- Looks really really interesting. Wonder what's it gonna be like ?

Destrania1735d ago

They reported a while ago that the clay molding tech they demoed at the PS4 reveal last year plays some sort of role in their new game. So stoked to see it fully revealed, I know it'll be awesome.

MrSec841735d ago


Media Molecule didn't specifically state that they would have anything for Gamescom, they said they have a lot of things to share, the comments from them came a short while before E3, saying they wouldn't be at E3, but that it wouldn't be long after E3 that gamers would get to see something from them.

It's possible they could be at Gamescom, it's also equally possible that they could unveil their game at another time of their choosing.

Too Destrania:
Yeah I read that the stuff shown at the PS4 reveal in Feb last year was the game they're making for PS4.
Obviously it wasn't really a formal, specific description or showing of exactly what people will be playing, but it was something relevant to their project for PS4.

It looked very much like a more 3D, clay based evolution of what they did with Little Big Planet IMO.
It's also looking very much like players will have the ability to create set pieces, maybe even mold the environment how you like.
If that's the case then this could be a truly awesome game.

For me Media Molecule are one of those very few developers that have the ability to make me feel the wonder in games, that is sorely missing in many modern video games.

I can't wait to see exactly what the game is, what characters they have, whether it has a story (hopefully there is their usual good direction).

If they've made an open world canvas for people to be able to freely create levels that would be awesome.
With the improved physics capabilities of PS4, a 3D stage of pure creation on a level beyond LBP is going to be something absolutely amazing.

Jaqen_Hghar1735d ago

how long does it take to show the title lol a man thinks it's a lot more epic to reveal and show details during the conference

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imt5581735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Looks scary. That purple face.

ziggurcat1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

kind of looks like Andross from starfox:

edit: also it looks the animation is like they're doing a barrel roll...

Prime1571735d ago

Yeah, if I was trippin I'd have jumped through my window.

Legendary-Status1734d ago

something about that purple face hmmm O_o that this game will be completely diff. from LBP but it will stay innovative

XiSasukeUchiha1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

This game will be funky!

MrSec841735d ago

I don't know why you've gotten that many disagrees, but I agree.

Media Molecule have a history of making "funky" games.
Assuming you mean funny & cool, not strange smelling experiences. ;)

I would class LBP & Tearaway as funky games, because they're funny & cool titles, I suspect whatever this new game turns out to be will have that same kind of quirkiness to it.

I can't wait to find out what this game ends up becoming.

our_games_are_art1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Bc he usually doesn't read the articles and just goes after the first comment or an easy comment to get agrees no contributing to a discussion. We try ignoring him till he goes away.
On topic: sure hope those British gents have something awesome up their sleeve!

DoomeDx1735d ago

^ 'We try to ignore him until he goes away'

You have already failed at this haha!

LightDiego1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Sasuke should never go away, the haters should go away.
Can't wait for the new game from them, looks like Beakman's World.

guyman1735d ago

Whatever mm makes is bound to be exceptional, and I'm convinced that they will follow this teaser up with a full reveal at gamescom

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