5 Reasons Why Fatal Frame Wii U Will Come West

IBT writes: "Fatal Frame Wii U is coming out in September... in Japan. But the horror game, which looks pretty cool and/or pretty spooky, doesn't have any kind of official North American (or European) release date yet. That said, I don't think we have to worry too much: It seems pretty likely that the new thriller is going to have a Western release. Let's take a look at why."

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Clown_Syndr0me1603d ago

This will justify a Wii U purchase for me! If there were more games like this available Id already have bought one.

pompombrum1602d ago

Agreed, this game looks quality, if Nintendo show their commitment to Western gamers by localizing these sort of Japanese titles, I'd go pick up a Wii U immediately.

Systemshock21603d ago

6. Main reason is that WiiU lack games, they should release
as many titles and its not even a shovelware to ignore.
It looks like one of the better looking titles on WiiU.

1603d ago
LightDiego1603d ago

I hope so! Or we will need another Operation Rainfall.

wheresmymonkey1603d ago

the guy missed out that the fatal frame 2 remake got a western release. Well in the EU at least, then again NOE were the ones that localised the project rainfall games.

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